Frank Talk: COVID-19 Update

Welcome back for another episode of Frank Talk. Today’s topic: the continuing COVID-19 pandemic.

On this episode of Frank Talk, Mayor Jackson sat down with two members of his Department of Health cabinet: Medical Director Dr. Karen Cooper and Interim Director Brian Kimball. Director Kimball was sworn in September 2020 and Dr. Cooper has been with the City of Cleveland since July of this year.

Director Kimball has had 19 years of experience as Public Health professional for the City of Cleveland, and such experience was required for the task of taking control of the COVID-19 pandemic. However the role of Director for Public Health requires a two person team. Dr. Karen Cooper represents the second half – providing the necessary medical expertise to sign off on the city run clinics and vaccine centers.

While the city has made far progress from the 1000 cases a week at the beginning of the pandemic – both Directors still advise that residents who are eligible and are able to receive a vaccination do so. It is currently estimated that only 37% of the eligible population of Cleveland is vaccinated – with 60% to 70% being the preferred amount in order to prevent further virus mutations such as the current Delta strain.

While the Department of Health continues to run vaccination clinics across the city weekly, options for homebound residents are available too. Find more information in our Homebound Vaccination blog. Mayor Jackson and the entire Department of Public Health would like to remind all residents that while we’ve made headway – we are far from being done with this pandemic. Wear your mask, get vaccinated, and stay informed.

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