Browns: Possible Uniform Leak?

CLEVELAND – The Cleveland Browns are set to unveil their new uniforms in less than a week.  When the organization announced that they would be changing the logo and the uniforms, there were mixed feelings from Browns fans.

Although the Browns uniforms are classic, they’ve lacked excitement.  The Browns have had pretty much the same look since the franchise was founded back in 1946.  Most Browns fans have owned the same gear for years.  Some fans may even posses hand me down shirts and jersey’s.

So when the Browns announced that they would be unveiling a new logo and uniform for the 2015 season, fans were curious to see what direction this new Browns regime would head in.

Fans’ expectations for the new uniform are at an all time low after the recent “new logo” reveal which was a new shade of orange and a “meaner” Dawg logo.

Hopefully the uniforms are appealing to the masses and create some type of excitement for the fan base as well as the players.  If the uniform is appealing to fans, it will increase merchandise sales and if the players like the uniforms, hopefully it will translate onto the field.  Because were all familiar with the saying, “if you look good you play good.”

So here’s a sneak peek at the possible Cleveland Browns uniform leak.  If this is the new uniform, how intrigued are you as a fan?

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