MLK 22nd Annual Celebration


By: Catrina Leone

Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream speech” will always be remembered for years to come, along with Dr. King’s inspiring amount of humility and courage. Donna Brazile, author, professor and television political commentator, was the guest speaker during the 22nd Annual Martin Luther King Jr. day of celebration held at the Cleveland Clinic on Jan. 17, 2014. TV20’s own Ciarra Nelson had the honor of interviewing Donna, which will air next week in the news. More than 600 people attended this program, which goes to show what a huge impact Martin Luther King has had on our community and the world itself. Brazile recalled the day of MLK’s assassination when she was just a child, a day that changed history. She also mentioned the passing of Cleveland’s own black political strategist Arnold Pinkney. Stay tuned to TV20 for Ciarra’s interview with Donna Brazile, who is an inspiration for so many people, as was Dr. Martin Luther King.

TV20's own Ciarra Nelson!
TV20’s own Ciarra Nelson!


Donna Brazile


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