29th Fire Academy Cadet Class Graduation

By: Anthony Corsi, intern


The 29th Cleveland Fire Academy Cadet Graduation ceremony took place on June 27, 2014 in Council Chambers. All the cadets that graduated had to undergo 18 weeks of intense training in order to earn their diploma. The graduates will fill vacancies created by retirements and ensure that staffing levels remain consistent with the needs of the Cleveland community. This is only the second class of EMS employees (increasing the total to 8) completing cross training fully certifying them as firefighter paramedics. With this cross training now being implemented into the requirements for graduation, this takes the city of Cleveland one step closer to meeting the medical needs of the community.




The training program that each cadet underwent included: fire behavior, hands on training with tools and equipment firefighters use daily, all aspects of on-scene fire operations, building construction, hazardous materials operations, apparatus operation and maintenance, rescue techniques and 130 hours in emergency medical care, thus certifying the recruits as Medical Technicians.




Local officials that were in attendance had nothing but positive remarks about the hardworking recruits. Chief of Fire Patrick Kelly said, “These recruits are a welcome addition to the ranks of Cleveland’s Divisions of Fire and EMS.” Public Safety Director Michael McGrath stated, “We are building upon the expertise of each division and creating an all-hazard approach to fire, rescue, and emergency medical service in the City of Cleveland.” These new graduates with be nothing less than helpful out in the field. There is always a need for more people to be educated in medical procedures, and the City of Cleveland just obtained 39 more to ensure our safety!




*Photos courtesy of Clare Walters, City of Cleveland

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Numero Uno

Sports Blog

Anthony Corsi, Intern

Last year when the Cavaliers picked up Anthony Bennet the reaction from the fans was not excitement bur rather questions; Will Bennet be in shape for the season? Will he become an asset to the Cavaliers Franchise? However, Thursday night came upon Cleveland, Ohio in a spectacular manner, picking up Canadian forward Andrew Wiggins. The 6 ft 8 in forward was projected to be the Number One overall pick in the NBA draft since scouts saw him play in high school. As many can see, he has superstar potential, being able to score with his athleticism, running the floor in transition offense, and being able to block shots in the paint. When asked about how he felt about playing in the “Bigs” Wiggins responded “I’m hoping to come in and make and impact off the bat.”

The athleticism, determination, and potential of Wiggins seem to have Cleveland fans anxious and excited for the upcoming season. On the other end, Wiggins’ reaction to be drafted NO 1 overall by the Cavaliers seemed to resemble genuine happiness. Wiggins seems like the kind of player that will work hard no matter the circumstances he is placed in. The Cavs will be an exciting team to watch this year. Now, next on the to-do-list for Cleveland is to resurrect number twenty three.

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Fortune 500 Company Cuts the Ribbon in Cleveland

By: Anthony Corsi, intern

university logo

Owens and Minor Distribution Company INC,. which is a Fortune 500 Medical Supply Company, recently opened its doors within the city if Cleveland. Owens and Minor agreed to move its Glen-willow operating center to Cleveland’s own East 55th street located off of Interstate 90. This is the first Major Company to help University Hospitals fulfill its goal of bringing suppliers to the city. Moving into the city seems to have its benefits especially in the eyes of Steve Standley, UH’s Chief Administrative Officer, who was quoted saying, “You need to move into the city, or we will find somebody who will.”Standley’s voice wad heard by Owens and Minor who took advantage of the inner city venue within Cleveland. Tracey Nichols, the city’s economic development director said, “We think this is great, to the over 200,000 people who go by on Route 90, seeing new developments is a positive.”

owens logo

 The Ceremonial Ribbon Cutting took place on June 23, 2014. Local officials were there in order to celebrate the ribbon cutting. This new supplier being near UH creates a dynamic flow of medical supplies to their neighboring hospitals. This makes it easier to not only order supplies, but also to obtain supplies when needed. The economy of Cleveland would only seem to boost with this new addition because all the inventory would arrive in a quicker manner. By moving, Owens and Minor will also open roughly 30 jobs to applicants who are qualified. Overall, University Hospitals along with Owens and Minor have made a wise decision moving into the City of Cleveland and will make a large impact on how the medical industry will begin to expand within the city.

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Transient Dock Ribbon Cutting

By: Catrina Leone


Cleveland is such a beautiful city and has just added another important staple. 53 new transient docks were created in the harbor’s basin directly behind the Rock Hall. To celebrate this new Marina, also known as Rock and Dock, a ribbon cutting ceremony was held. Mayor Frank Jackson, Port Control Director, Ricky Smith, Council President Kevin Kelley, along with Councilman Joe Cimperman were there to commemorate this new beginning.

marina 3

Rock and Dock is such an exciting addition to our City! Boaters traveling the Great Lakes can dock for the day or stop by for a few hours during their lake adventures. Rock & Dock will also provide kayaking, jet ski rentals, and paddle boats for all you water enthusiasts. The marina is part of the Downtown Lakefront Plan and Cleveland’s committment to revitalize the city’s waterfront. Ricky Smith had this to say about the new marina, “Our vision for the lakefront includes development of lakefront as well as programmed special events and water activities. We are excited to be partnering with JIT Services to introduce new exciting water activities to lakefront visitors.”

marrina 23

Besides providing a safe and secure docking area, the new marina will also be providing water, restrooms, electricity, showers, and laundry. This will meet the needs of the future of North Coast Harbor and bring more visitors to the Pier and Downtown Cleveland. With summer already in full swing, the North Coast Harbor is full of activities that will help Clevelanders become even more engaged with the place where our city meets the lake. Many free events have been planned to help enhance the harbor during the season, including North Coast Namaste, a free yoga series, and Lunch by the Lake, which is a Thursday afternoon food-truck meet up.

marina 5

“Where the city Meets the Lake” is a great, fun, and exciting experience to take part in. Rock and Dock at North Coast Harbor is open daily from 9am-7pm. For boaters who dock at the marina, you will be in perfect walking distance from all the amazing downtown attractions, which include the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, First Energy Stadium, the Horseshoe Casino, and the Great Lakes Science Center.

leah pic

To see the full ribbon cutting ceremony of the new Transient Marina, stay tuned to TV20. For those looking to reserve dock ships or for more information about this new addition, you can visit Rock and Dock’s website at www.rockanddock.com

**All pictures provided by William Rieter**

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Homecoming for the King?


Sports Blog

Anthony Corsi, Intern


After the Miami Heat fell to the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals, LeBron James realized that he has a lot of thinking to do in regards to his future. The real question that all Cleveland fans want answered is, will there be a homecoming for the King? James has until June 30, 2014 to opt out of his current contract with the Heat. Depending on his decision, whether it be to stay in Miami or sign a contract with another team, the NBA will be affected.

"Home sweet home, the countdown is real"
“Home sweet home, the countdown is real”

However, Cleveland fans are getting a jolt of confidence due to the social media. An Instagram post from Lebron’s wife, Savannah, captioned “Home Sweet Home, the countdown is real” sounds like the James family is set on coming back to the Land.

Rumor also has it that Lebron’s children are already enrolled in Akron schools. If these rumors are true, there is a good possibility that the King might want to reclaim his throne. However, James being the exceptional player that he is, has the ability to sign with any team that he would like to. In the meantime, the Cavaliers should focus on their first round pick along with building their team with a plethora of young, talented players rather then rely on the decision by James. A homecoming for the King would be a splendid feature for the City of Cleveland, but only time will tell.

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Let Johnny Play!

"Draft Day Johnny Manziel" - Drake
“Draft Day Johnny Manziel” – Drake


Sports Blog

By: Anthony Corsi, Intern

Johnny Manziel, Game 2 of NBA Finals!
Johnny Manziel, Game 2 of NBA Finals!


It seems a though Browns quarterback, Johnny Manziel, has been all the talk within the past month. It’s funny because the talk has not been focused on his career as the Brown’s potential starting quarterback, but rather about his extracurricular activities. Yes he was court-side at the 2nd NBA Finals game sporting a Cavs snapback, yes he was in LA the weekend prior partying with Drake, but no, he has not gotten in any trouble that jeopardizes his career as a professional football player. Manziel seems to be getting his work done when it needs to be done, moving from 3rd string quarterback to 2nd string while also taking some snaps with the first team offense during 11 on 11’s.


Johnny Manziel, representing "Cleveland" with Cavs hat on in San Antonio, for Game 2 of the NBA Finals!
Johnny Manziel, representing “Cleveland” with Cavs hat on in San Antonio, for Game 2 of the NBA Finals!

Aside form moving up the totem poll within the Browns organization, Manziel was recently drafted by the San Diego Padres (28th round, 837 overall) for his athleticism in the middle infield. Johnny seems to be doing just fine balancing his social life with his professional football career. Most people just need to realize that Manziel is a young star that is still getting acquainted with all the media attention. He likes to go out on the town and have some fun while also repping his Cleveland Browns, which bears no harm. He will get the job done on the football field but he is also allowed to have some fun. Work with no play is like having a sickness with no medicine, not healthy!

Johnny Manziel partying with International Rap star Drake.
Johnny Manziel partying with International Rap star Drake.


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Can’t Wait to get back on the Road Again

Indians LogoSports Blog

By: Anthony Corsi, Intern

In this 2014 season, The Indians have been stellar, to say the least, at home, but what about on the road? The road is where teams either make or break it, especially in the great sport of baseball. However, the Tribe has come up with a way to start winning on the road, beating the Texas Rangers back-to-back this past weekend. This puts the Tribe above .500 for the first time since April 9th when they were 5-4. With a somewhat disappointing record on the road still, improving to 12-20, Cleveland is finding a way to move up the ladder in the AL Central, only being 2.5 games behind Detroit now.

Indians 2014

The Tribe has won nine of the last eleven games with third baseman, Lonnie Chisenhall, playing a huge factor in this turn around on the road, hitting a solid .365 while going 2-for-4 for the Tribe on Sunday against the Rangers. The momentum for this young team is on an upswing with nothing but victory in the foreseeable future. If the Tribe can find ways to keep wining on the road there will be no doubt that this team will quickly turn some heads this season, so stay tuned!

Lonnie Chisenhall

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TV20′S Summer In The City: Restaurant Special

SITC Montage 2


Tune in to TV20 to check out the Summer In The City Restaurant Special today at 9:30am, 4:30pm and 10:30pm! We’ll take a look at just a few of the many fantastic Cleveland restaurants you can enjoy!

Those with Time Warner Cable in Cleveland can find us on Channel 20. AT&T U-Verse can find us at Channel 99-Cleveland. And of course you can watch right from your computer at this link: http://www.city.cleveland.oh.us/CityofCleveland/Home/Government/MayorsOffice/tv20/watch


Here is the list of the Cleveland restaurants we feature:









Bistro 185www.bistro185.com


PJ McIntyreswww.pjmcintyres.com


Vino Veritaswww.vinoveritaslittleitaly.com


Sunset Grillewww.whiskeyislandmarina.com


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TV20 Summer In The City Restaurant Special Preview!

SITC Montage 2


Tune in to TV20 to check out the Summer In The City Restaurant Special today at 9:30am, 4:30pm and 10:30pm! We’ll take a look at just a few of the many fantastic Cleveland restaurants you can enjoy!

Those with Time Warner Cable in Cleveland can find us on Channel 20. AT&T U-Verse can find us at Channel 99-Cleveland. And of course you can watch right from your computer at this link: http://www.city.cleveland.oh.us/CityofCleveland/Home/Government/MayorsOffice/tv20/watch

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Drink More Gatorade!

 Sports Blog

By: Anthony Corsi, Intern

LeBron James exiting game because of leg cramps.
LeBron James exiting game because of leg cramps.


As most know, Lebron James has been a phenom since early in his high school career. With this reputation of being the best player in the league, many endorsements come with that status. In essence, Powerade took advantage of this and decided to sponsor Lebron James, which obviously encourages him to drink Powerade. However, where was this in Thursday night’s Game 1 of the NBA Finals? James left the fourth quarter with cramps, only with four minutes left. James could have easily been the deciding factor within those four vital minutes.

LeBron James

We all know that cramps are due to dehydration, which Powerade or water helps prevent. Either way, Gatorade was upset with the fact that Lebron was taken out because they thoroughly believe that their electrolyte-filled beverage would have prevented those cramps. The moral of the story is simply Drink More Gatorade, especially in the NBA finals!

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Hot Topic: 2014 Firefighter Recruitment!


The Cleveland Firefighter Entrance Examination will be held Saturday, June 28, 2014 at Cleveland Public Auditorium, 500 Lakeside Avenue.

We’re looking for men and women 18 to 39 years old with their high school diploma or G.E.D. to join our team.

Applications for the fire test will be available at Cleveland Public Auditorium from June 2, to June 12, 2014, weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

So take the first step towards your fire service career.

Do it today, do it now!

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The Cleveland Firefighter Entrance Examination


The Cleveland Firefighter Entrance Examination will be held Saturday, June 28, 2014 at Cleveland Public Auditorium, 500 Lakeside Avenue.

We’re looking for men and women 18 to 39 years old with their high school diploma or G.E.D. to join our team.

Applications for the fire test will be available at Cleveland Public Auditorium from June 2, to June 12, 2014, weekdays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

So take the first step towards your fire service career.

Do it today, do it now!




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Higher Education Compact

web IMG_0236By: Catrina Leone


In 2010, Mayor Frank Jackson asked civic leaders, educators, and college and university presidents to develop a plan to increase the number of youth attending and graduating college. Organizational leaders met to look deeper into this plan and to research best practices as well as to explore a data-driven outcome. Mayor Jackson accepted these recommendations, and as a result formally launched the Higher Education Compact of Greater Cleveland in October 2011.


web IMG_0178

The Compact is a written pledge, a promise from these leaders to do what it takes to remove obstacles that prevent Cleveland youth from going to and succeeding in college. While the percent of Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) graduates enrolling in college has increased steadily from 45 to 61%, the percent of students actually completing their college degree is non-competitive. Do to this, Mayor Frank Jackson, Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald, the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, fifteen Ohio Colleges and universities, area foundations and community organizations have come together in the past year to do the following things:

  • Establish the Higher Education Compact of Greater Cleveland, a community-wide effort, to greatly increase the number of Cleveland Students who earn degrees.
  • Develop a “College Success Dashboard” that colleges, civic leaders, educators,  and others in the community can use to track college readiness, college access and college persistence annually.
  • Research and benchmark efforts of other communities that are succeeding in efforts to get youth ready for and attending college.

web IMG_0217

The Higher Education Compact held its third annual Degrees by Design Best Practices Symposium at the Cleveland State University Wolstein center. In previous years, the main focus was more so on college readiness and access, but this year the focus was on college persistence and completion. It is no secret that reaching degree completion is a challenge for many students today. Mayor Jackson ensures we can overcome these obstacles and have our students walk across the stage on graduation day. At the Symposium, experts on college persistence were there, not only locally but state-and even nationwide.


The main goal of the Symposium  is to rise to the challenge of increasing college attainment in Greater Cleveland. There were many parts to the Symposium. Sections such as completing college, persistence and completion efforts in Ohio, CMSD’s role in increasing college completion, as well as responding to students in need. The Cleveland Metropolitan School District has engaged with the Strategic Data Project at Harvard University to go deeper in their dashboard and to better understand their role in the college pipeline.

web IMG_0211

Each program featured at the Symposium touched on key ways for students to rise to the top of their education, as well as ways to get support from the community. Responding to students in need is a two early-alert approach to student success. Early alert systems have become an important part of universities’ efforts to promote student persistence and success.

This is a great initiative to get more people involved and to help our youth reach their ultimate potential. To see more about The Higher Education Impact, stay tuned to TV20, as we will be airing this in our “weekly news wrap-up.” For more information on the impact, make sure to visit their website at : http://highereducationcompact.org



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Police Chase Press Conference

By: Catrina Leone


 IMG_2733 - Copy web

There have been a lot of questions regarding the deadly police chase that occurred on November 29, 2012. As a result of the pursuit, the City of Cleveland took disciplinary action against 12 police supervisors, including five who were indicted by the Cuyahoga County Grand Jury for dereliction of duty.

Since the incident, a series of events have un-folded. Back in December of 2012, Mayor Jackson, Michael McGrath, Martin Flask and Blaine Griffin held a press conference to address their concerns regarding the pursuit and promised full cooperation and support with the investigation. It was also announced in January of 2013 that at least 63 police vehicles were involve. In February of 2013, Mr. McGrath issued a letter to the Cleveland community regarding his release of the investigative file related to the incident and calls for his resignation.

IMG_2735 - Copy web

All of these events and many others led up to the Cleveland Police announcing changes to their pursuit policy in March of this year. At the press conference, Mayor Jackson gave  a statement. Here is an excerpt: “Since the night of November 29, 2012, we all have had questions about the high-speed pursuit and the use of deadly force that resulted in the deaths of Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams. We pledged full cooperation with all investigative authorities and promised a thorough, transparent and fair administrative review of the actions of all police officers involved. Today, the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor announced that one officer was indicted for manslaughter and five supervisors for dereliction of duty.”

IMG_2773 - Copy web

Tv20 will be airing the full press conference this week, check our schedule for times!


**pictures provided by William Rieter**

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The Cavaliers Unforeseen Future

Sports Blog

By: Jordan Allen, Intern

Cleveland Cavaliers


With the number one overall pick in the 2013 NBA Draft the Cleveland Cavaliers chose Anthony Bennett from UNLV. The choice was followed by “boos” from the packed Quicken Loans Arena. But the “boos” were completely appropriate after Bennett’s performance throughout the 2013-14 NBA season. Anthony Bennett averaged 4.2 points per game with 3.0 rebounds per game. Is this a joke? No, but picking Anthony Bennett number one was the joke, a joke that raises many questions about the Cavaliers front office.

Anthony Bennett



Passing up players such as Victor Oladipo and the rookie of the year Michael Carter Williams will make you wonder who the Cavaliers will pass up this time. The cavs entered the draft lottery with a 1.7 percent chance at getting the number one pick for the 2014 NBA draft. Surprisingly we got the pick! Some think there was some behind the scene payments made and some think God has a miracle in store for the Cavaliers organization.



Will the Cavaliers take Andrew Wiggins who’s been compared heavily to Lebron James? Maybe they’ll take a chance with Jabari Parker, a product of Duke University who’s heavily compared to Carmelo Anthony. This draft class is filled with talent but who knows what the Cavaliers front office is thinking at this moment. Will we trade the pick? Will we take the most talented player? Will we take another Anthony Bennett? The big decision is yet to come.

Jabari Parker and Andrew Wiggins


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The Presence of a Rising Star

Sports Blog

By: Anthony Corsi, Intern

Indians outfielder, Michael Brantley, has been nothing less than a spark for the Tribe this season. He has a current batting percentage of .302, which is fourth in the AL, while also recording 40 RBI’s, 9 HR’s, and 8 SB’s. His impact has been nothing short of positive while on the field. He executes in every game, but also comes through in clutch moments, which is why he has All-Star potential.

Michael Brantley


            Cleveland is not the only city that has noticed the potential of rising star, Michael Brantley. According to the All-Star leader boards, Brantley is currently ninth on the leader boards with over 400,000 votes. This is just proof that fans outside of the 216 are also advocates of the Indian’s outfielder. Brantley has displayed his whole arsenal this season, whether it be gunning a runner rounding third out from left field or coming in the clutch with an RBI single up the middle scoring the wining run. There is no question that Michael Brantley is a good ball player, but the time has come where Brantley should be recognized as a rising star.  

Michael Brantley

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RNC1 IMG_3303 - Copy web


A Press Conference was held this afternoon at Quicken Loans Arena with the Republican National Convention Committee along with Mayor Frank G. Jackson and Executive Chair of the Cleveland Host Committee for the 2016 Republican National Convention, Terry Egger.


Mayor Frank G. Jackson and Mr. Terry Egger
Mayor Frank G. Jackson and Mr. Terry Egger


Mr. Egger states that the Cleveland Host Committee has “been hard at work 24/7 preparing for this visit. We want to demonstrate to our guests at the RNC that this is a city that is completely all in.” Mayor Jackson said that “Our effort is to show the Republican National Committee that Cleveland is the place for their 2016 Convention.”


Mayor Frank G. Jackson along with Ms. Enid Mickleson and Mr. Reince Priebus
Mayor Frank G. Jackson along with Ms. Enid Mickleson and Mr. Reince Priebus


Both Republican National Convention Committee Chairman Reince Priebus and Enid Mickleson, Chairwoman of the RNC Site Selection had nothing but praise for our great city. Ms. Mickleson says that we have “…a remarkable city. You have wonderful leaders who pulled together, who are absolutely committed to this city.” Mr. Priebus said that he is “totally impressed” with Cleveland, and that what has totally impressed the committee about Cleveland has been “the hunger, the commitment and the willingness to do whatever it takes to make this work.”

As of now the RNC Committee does not have a definite, concrete deadline, but is aiming to have the chosen city know by mid-August.

To watch the full 2016 Republican National Convention Committee Press Conference stay tuned to TV20 all this week!

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Hot Topics




TV20 has a new, hot, and exciting segment underway! It’s called “Hot Topics” where host Ciarra Nelson will be telling you what is happening right here in Cleveland. The first segment has Ciarra talking with Yvonne Pointer, who worked on the Missing Persons Unit. Their main goal is to find missing people in our area and ultimately find a way to end these cases all together. Their slogan is “see something, say something.” Make sure to check out this addition of “hot topics”, as well as the ones to come! Check our schedule for times!


tv20 logo 1

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The Westin Hotel

By: Catrina Leone

art work westin

Another new staple has landed in Cleveland! The Westin Cleveland Downtown has opened and was commemorated with a ribbon cutting ceremony! This new hotel is located in the financial district, just a few steps away from the Browns Stadium, The Cleveland Medical Mart, Convention Center and the Public Auditorium, home of TV20! The 484-room hotel boasts an array of guest experiences and offerings featuring Urban Farmer Cleveland’s Steakhouse, which was also welcomed with a ribbon cutting. The Westin is unique concept featuring locally sourced foods by restaurateur, Peter Karpinski, 20,000 square feet of event space, panoramic views of Lake Erie, and a very impressive art collection. More than 1,500 pieces of art by 30 local artists, including Olga Ziemska, Liz Maugans and Dana Oldfather are featured throughout the new hotel.


Sage Hospitality, one of the leading hotel management, development and investment companies in the country, along with many of Ohio and Cleveland-based businesses, were the leading forces behind The Westin Cleveland Downtown. At The Westin, the elements of the guests’ stay is the most important. The Westin offers so much promise and is a great addition to our city, with the 2016 Republican National Convention hoping to be held here, as well as the Gay Games coming to town in August. The Westin features 20 function rooms, ideal for major conventions and large social gatherings/meetings. This includes a 9,000-square-foot ballroom and multiple meeting rooms.

westin 3

Another great feature of the hotel is it includes modern green initiatives such as the “Make a Green Choice” program. You can enjoy stunning views of Lake Erie and the vibrant city space. The hotel is in perfect walking distance to shopping at nearby Galleria at Erieview as well! Not only is The Westin close toFirst Energy Stadium, it is also in proximity of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Playhouse Square. This has been a masterpiece in the making, taking over two years to actually complete. The Westin has something for everyone to enjoy and will bring more revenue to our wonderful city!

Cleveland is very excited to welcome this new landmark! To see more about The Westin Hotel, make sure to watch our ‘Weekly-News-Wrap-Up”, where this will be featured!

tv20 logo 1

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Guns and Violent Crimes Press Conference

 By Intern: Candace Bridges




On Tuesday, May 13 Mayor Frank Jackson and Public safety forces discussed the Violence and Gun Reduction Interdiction Program in an official press conference. They spoke of the success of the program from community involvement and the positive impact it is making in reducing gun violence.


gun 1


VGRIP has retrieved 78 guns in the last 90 days. Since 2011 they have confiscated:

  • 210 guns
  • 978 grams of heroin
  • 2,241 grams of cocaine

The law enforcement partners involved in VGRIP include the Cleveland Division of Police, the Ohio State Highway Patrol, the Cuyahoga County Sherriff’s Office, the Adult Parole Authority, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office, the United States Attorney’s Office, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the United States Marshall’s Service.


frank 1


Make sure to watch TV20’s coverage of the official  press conference at 9:00 am and 5:00 pm.

Watch right from your computer from our Live Stream here: http://www.city.cleveland.oh.us/CityofCleveland/Home/Government/MayorsOffice/tv20/watch

All photos courtesy of William Rieter, City of Cleveland

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This Is How We Do It!

Brand New Special Series from TV20!

The members of Mayor Frank G. Jackson’s Cabinet discuss how they accomplish the tasks set before them to serve the City of Cleveland.This is how they do it!

This episode: Ken Silliman, Chief of Staff, City of Cleveland



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Earth Day Celebration

By: Catrina Leone


Here in Cleveland, one of our main goals is to have a safe city, but also a sustainable city! The Earth Day Coalition for EarthFest 2014 was held at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds. In partnership with Mayor Frank Jackson’s Sustainable Cleveland 2019 initiative, the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, Cuyahoga Arts and Culture, Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District and ZeroWasteNEO, this year’s EarthFest celebrated the “Year of Zero Waste.”



earth 2

earth 3

EarthFest featured 270 exhibits in 9 sustainability exhibit areas which include: Zero Waste, Advanced and Renewable Energy, Environmental Science, Local and sustainable Food, Clean Transportation, Health and Fitness, Community amusement park rides, music on 4 stages, urban farm animals and much more. There was fun for the whole family. Families could enjoy all day entertainment with eco-activities, Valley Exotics Zoo, Jungle Bob with his animal friends, the NASA “village” and more. Scott Sanders, the Earth Day Coalition Director stated, “We are very excited to be presenting our largest every community collaboration of exhibits, seminars and family entertainment at our 25th Anniversary EarthFest. The weather cooperated that day, which helped lead to a great turn-out!

earth 4

earth 1

EarthFest 2014 had a goal of diverting 90% waste through, reduction, recycling, and composting. Earth Day Coalition also partnered with Kimble Recycling and Disposal to manage the recyclables and Future Organics to haul all compost to Barnes Nursery. The Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District was also involved in this event and hosted a pharmaceutical collection. The goal was to protect local waterways as wastewater treatment plants are not designed to remove pharmaceuticals and help decrease prescription drug use.

*Besides having many activities to be involved with, EarthFest 2014 also had many great features!

-You could learn about the environment and clean-air benefits while experiencing a fun ride. Ohio’s first biodiesel amusement rides were featured here.

- Guests got the chance to meet Dick Goddard and adopt an animal in need. Families also had the opportunity to get up close with animal rescues, as well as petting zoos.

-There was amazing music, with bands from right here in Northeast Ohio playing all day and night. Some of those bands include: Backstage Politics, Cody Miller Band, Green Sunrise, Jay Floyd, Second Hand Dogs, Velvet Voyage and many more.

earth 5

Some tips for you and your family to Go Zero are:

-choose products with the last amount of packaging

-dispose of hazard waste responsibly

-buy in bulk to save money and reduce unnecessary packaging materials

-reduce use of plastic wrap by purchasing or making reusable dish covers

-donate clothes or other household items to your local thrift store or other charitable organizations.

The Sustainable Cleveland 2019 is a great initiative introduced by Mayor Frank Jackson to help keep Cleveland the beautiful city it is!

*For more information on this event, as well as more tips, be sure to check out their website at www.earthdaycoalition.org

*If you are looking for more information on The Sustainable Cleveland Plan, visit their website at http://www.sustainablecleveland.org/

Stay tuned to TV20 to catch coverage on this and many more events happening in our area.

**Pictures provided by Ruggero Fatica**

tv20 logo 1

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Port Of Cleveland’s Express Ocean Service Arrives

By: Catrina Leone


Big news has arrived for the Port of Cleveland! The Port welcomed the first vessel of the Cleveland-Europe Express cargo service from Antwerp, Belgium, via the Saint Lawrence Seaway. It is carrying cargo moving between five states and seven countries on the vessel’s first round trip voyage.

The Cleveland-Europe Express is the only regularly scheduled international container and non-containerized cargo service on the Great Lakes. It is the greenest and fastest route between Europe and North America’s heartland. This allows regional companies to ship their goods up to four days faster than using water, rail, and truck routes via the U.S. East Coast ports.

port 2

The chairman of the Port of Cleveland Board of Directors, Marc Krantz said that the service is something that the Port of Cleveland’s board members and leadership have been working on for the past 2 years. He states, ” The service takes advantage of the manufacturing strength of Northeast Ohio and the geography of the Cleveland port itself as the first major stop in the U.S on the Seaway system.”

The express ocean freight service comes at a time when cargo coming through is on the increase. President and CEO of the Port of Cleveland, Will Friedman said that in 2013 the Port had its highest annual tonnage level since 2008. Bart Peters, manager of The Spliethoff Group’s America Service says that “the goal of the Cleveland-Europe Express is to provide a more efficient method for cargo owners in the heartland of America to trade with Europe, and we believe that this first voyage is the first step in establishing a new service that will benefit companies on both sides of the Atlantic.”


Mayor Frank Jackson was also in attendance at the Press Conference. He states that Lake Erie has always been Cleveland’s most vital natural asset and an economic lifeline to the world. “The Port of Cleveland remains indispensable to the economic success of Cleveland and the other communities in Cuyahoga County. Now, the Port of Cleveland has become Midwest’s gateway to trade with Europe”, Jackson said.

port 3

The administrator of the Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corp, Betty Sutton, had nothing but good words to say about this new move. “It is an example of how we can use the economic and natural resources of the Great Lakes region to create new opportunities in powerful and sustainable ways” Sutton states. This new development ties directly in with The Sustainable Cleveland 2019 plan as well. Administrator Sutton honored the Port of Cleveland with the Robert J. Lewis Pacesetter Award from the Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation for year over year growth in international tonnage. The port also honored the late Arnie de La Porte. Mr de la Porte passed away in the fall of 2013. He was relentless in his promotion of global trade from Cleveland via the Saint Lawrence Seaway. The Port re-named Erieside Avenue, which runs through the Port, in his honor; it will be known as Arnie de la Porte Way.

This is very exciting news for Cleveland! Stay tuned to our “Weekly-News-Wrap up” next week, where this will be airing. To catch the Conference in its entirety, check our schedule for times!

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Seeing Tomorrow Movie Update

By: Catrina Leone


There are so many wonderful events happening in Cleveland, especially in the Spring! A movie that was made right here in Cleveland and also stars familiar faces from home is set to premiere this Thursday April 24th! The movie “Seeing Tomorrow” directed by Joddy Eric Matthews and starring TV20′s own Justine Greenwald and Ciarra Nelson is premiering April 24th at 7pm at the Lakeshore Atlas Cinema!

seeing tomorroe

Be the first to see this awesome movie, which is expected to be a hit. You can also catch more about the movie during the Weekly-News-Wrap up “Cleveland Connects with Ciarra” part of the newscast. Thursday is right around the corner, we hope to see you all there! Stay tuned to TV20 for more of what is circling around Cleveland.

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Prescription Addiction Billboard

By: Catrina Leone

heroin pic


The number of heroin related deaths are slowly on the increase, even here in Cleveland. Mayor Frank Jackson, Cleveland City Council members, and other members in our community gathered at East 14th and Carneige to bring awareness to the growing drug abuse problem. A billboard campaign to promote prescription drug and heroin abuse was also unveiled. City officials want to bring attention to the fact that prescription drug abuse is a known pathway to heroin addiction.

heroin pic 5

Clear channel outdoor is donating more than 20 billboards across the city that will direct the public to hotline numbers, in case they need assistance. “Prescription drugs are a benefit to patients when used properly, but illegal use of opiates often leads to addiction and the risk of turning to heroin abuse, an escalating health issue in Northeast Ohio,” said Cleveland City Council President Kevin Kelley. “Council is committed to fighting the prescription drug abuse epidemic through education, prevention programs, as well as giving our law enforcement the tools to eliminate improper prescribing practices.”

heroin pic 3



heroin pic 2

*All photo’s provided by: William C. Rieter**

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has classified prescription drug abuse as an epidemic.  Studies have shown that there is a direct link between prescription drug abuse and heroin use.  A report by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration found that people who used prescription pain relievers illegally were 19 times more likely to have started using heroin. 

This epidemic is something very serious happening in our area, we will continue to follow this story as it contiunes to unfold. Stay tuned to TV20 for the latest on what is taking place in Cleveland!

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Bully Free Is The Way To Be

By: Catrina Leone

councilman kevin conwell

The issue of bullying has gotten more attention throughout the past few years right here in Cleveland, with non-profit organizations like Rachel’s Challenge and events like the Tolerance Fair, to shed light on bullying and what can be done to help stop it. 1 in 5 children are being bullied every single day. I’m sure we have all seen it happen, or even have been the victim ourselves. The “bully free is the way to be” event was held with the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, City Council, Cuyahoga County and The Famicos Foundation. It was held at Frlin D. Roosevelt school. Two special guests were in attendance, Councilman Kevin Conwell and his band, as well as Princess Ka’Nijah, a student and up-and-coming singer from Cleveland.

Councilman Kevin Conwell spoke to the children about his experiences and the work he feels needs to be done, in an effort to end violence and discrimination all together. Councilman Conwell and his band took down the house with their performance, inviting the crowd to get off their seats and join in. This was not just an event full of passion and determination, it also showcased some singing, dancing, and fun. The children were asked to come up and perform with Princess Ka’Nijah, as well as students dancing along to Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”.

The main goal and message between each performer was the same: bullying is not the answer, it is not cool to bully someone. Through events like this one, and campaigns like Rachel’s Challenge, there is a way out, and we as a community will find it. This hit home for me personally, because I have dealt with bullying myself. Just know you are never alone, there are people out there who are willing to help; teachers, parents, counselors, never be ashamed to ask for help.




The “bully free is the way to be” event was a great way to bring children together with the goal of ending discrimination, violence and bullying for good. Coming together as a community is the only way to fight back. Stay tuned to TV20 for more of what is happening in our area!

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Seeing Tomorrow

By: Catrina Leone

Another film is underway in Cleveland! This one is directed by Joddy Eric Matthews and is called “Seeing Tomorrow”. This film is about a lonely, ordinary accountant, Jeremiah Paris who was only seeking someone to talk too. He did not know what he was in for. What he ends up getting is a fireball with a mission, a women looking to right a wrong done to her three years earlier by fellow companions. With only 24 hours remaining before she goes back to the database, she goes on a rampage for revenge, and nothing will get in her way.

If you knew your life would end tomorrow, what would you go through to get one more day? In the near future, online dating has been replaced by genetic matching and ordered artificial life forms called Companions. What started off as a normal, simple date, turns into a harrowing tell of adventure. This Cleveland based film stars many people from right here in our community.

seeing tomorroe

 Joddy Eric Matthews is. best known for his work on The Bubble (2009), The Acorn Penny (2010) and Rocket from the Grave (2013). In Seeing Tomorrow, Joddy portrays a mix between Science fiction and the African-American culture. Our own Ciarra Nelson has the exclusive behind the scenes look and interview, stay tuned to TV20 for that and much more happening in our city! It is set to be released April 24th at the Atlas Lakeshore.

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Happy Spring!

By: Catrina Leone


This has been one long winter but spring is in the air in Cleveland! What better way to celebrate spring time than to go to the Big Spring Event at Cleveland’s Botanical Garden, which is going on all the way until April 27th! It is a great, imaginative world where kids can play, run and discover in an enchanting garden that looms above them with many vibrant colors. Being surrounded by the sights and smells of bright, beautiful flowers, and the sounds of familiar and cozy spring showers, will transport you to a larger-than-life wonderland of springtime fun!



There are many different, exciting things for kids to do at Big Spring:

-Dress up like insects at the Toadstool Theatre- Kids get the chance to perform in front of family and friends as their favorite insect.

- Make a toast at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party-Make a toast with The Mad Hatter in this whimsical garden.

- Explore the Ladybug Labrynith-Kids and their imaginations can run wild in this wild maze, filled with ladybug facts and treasures.

-Come “eye to eye” with critters in the Discovery Log- kids get the opportunity to literally come “eye to eye” with the creepy crawly insects, funny mealworms at the mealworm race track, along with frogs and toads.

- Dash off to the races with mealworms and Puddle Bug Boats-Customize your own boat and send it off for a race, what will your boat look like?! Don’t miss the chance to join in the daily honeybee parade with Polly, as well as enjoying  the endless delights of Hershey Children’s Garden.


leah 2

The fun begins and ends as these times:

Tuesdays, Thursdays - Saturdays: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Wednesdays: 10 am – 9:00 pm
Sundays: 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Big Spring Admission:
Members: Free
Adults: $12.00
Children (3-12): $8.00
Children under 3: Free
Groups: (15 or more): $10.50
Senior Groups (15 or more): $9.00

During Big Spring, The Garden will also play host to several regional plant society showcases. This will feature everything from traditional springtime favorites to fascinating and exotic flowers. All shows are free with regular Big Spring admission. This is the second Annual Big Spring Event, TV20′s own Leah Haslage was there to cover all the fun and excitement! Stay tuned to TV20, this story will be running in our “Weekly News Wrap-up” next week! Also stay tuned for the full coverage of this event coming soon!

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Two Big Cleveland Home Openers

By: Catrina Leone

Spring is finally here! It may not feel like it today, but it is on its way. April is a month for warm weather, more sunshine and of course, baseball! Cleveland is the sports town, from the Indians, Cavs and Browns to the Gladiators, we have the best teams. It would only be fitting to have two home openers on the same day: The Indians vs. Minnesota, as well as the Cleveland Gladiators vs. Pittsburgh Power.


Let’s start with the Indians, who had an amazing season last year (and can definitely do it again this year) As I mentioned before, nothing says Spring like baseball, Tribe baseball. Fans are patiently awaiting the start of the season, with only 11 days remaining until the big game. No surprise though that it is sold out! The game sold out in 15 minutes, marking the 22nd consecutive home opener sellout and the 21st at Progressive Field, which opened 20 years ago in 1994. One thing remains throughout the past 20 years, we sure have some die-hard fans in our city!

Since the Indians in 2009 moved the initial on-sale date to Spring, opening day sellouts have become official on March 30th (2009), April 8th (2010), March 24th (2011), March 15th (2012) and February 25th (2013). This year, the initial on-sale date was pushed a week later than last year’s. I’m sure there are still fans wishing to attend opening day, which you can still do by becoming a Season Ticket holder. Season ticket holders will once again save over 40% on average of Single-Game ticket purchasers in 2014.

Single-Game tickets remain available for other 2014 games, which include: May 3 vs. Chicago; May 31st, vs. Oakland, June 3rd vs. Boston, June 21st vs. Detroit, July 5 vs. Kansas City, and July 8th vs. New York. This season is already looking like a great one, all there is to say is, ROLL TRIBE:)

If you have been able to contain your excitement this long, the Cleveland Gladiators’ home opener is also April 4th! This game is against the Pittsburgh Power, who the Gladiators hope to rally to stop. These two teams both finished 4-14 last year, but this season opener provides an opportunity for one of those squads to gain some hope that 2014 might be better.

cleveland gladiators

It did not always appear like the case, but the Cleveland Gladiators were able to take full advantage of that chance. Quarterback Chris Dieker accounted for 9 total touchdowns, as the Gladiators overcame a 17-point-quarter deficit to get a 63-53 victory against the Pittsburgh Power earlier in the month. Chris stated, “With it being a road victory, especially being here in Pittsburgh, it is big for us. The guys all played great-defenseive, offensive line, wide receivers. People really stepped up today and it was exciting to see.”

Dieker, now in his second season with the franchise, doesn’t know what the rest of the season will bring, but he couldn’t be happier with the early results. The Gladiators are off to a great start as well, April 4th is going to be a big day for sports in Cleveland, so of course, Christian Patterson will be there to get the scoop, stay tuned to TV20 for more on sports, as well as other stories in our area.


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Stop The Hate Event

By: Catrina Leone

Here in Cleveland, we love when we can see people coming together for a common cause. It is great to see our youth become more involved with the city and for the city. The Annual Stop The Hate event was held at Severance Hall last week. Thousands of students entered to win scholarships and ten finalists remained. Juniors and seniors were heard from throughout Northeast Ohio reading their essays as they competed for a grand scholarship prize of $40,000. Students were asked to compose an essay of 500 words or about: A time they witnessed an act of discrimination or hate toward themselves or someone else If they responded, why did they decide to stand up? How can they encourage their peers to do the same? If they didn’t respond, why not and what changes might they make to their behavior next time?

stop the hate

The finalists came from many different schools in our area. The scholarship finalists included: Justin Bachman, Solon High School; Anja Block, Shaker Heights High School; Janessa Brickman, Holy Name High School; Chane’l Collins, Glenville High Schoo; Randall Gregory, Beaumont School; Jessica Hartig, Solon High School; Madison Jackson, Solon High School; Anjali Mansinghani, Walsh Jesuit High School; Brandon McGhee, Brush High School; Andrew Poll, Shaker Heights High School.

Students in grades 6-10 were also finalists. -

Grade 10: Taylor Jones, Cleveland Heights High School. Erin King, Magnificat High School. Madeleine Shutt, Cleveland Heights High School.

Grade 9: Gregory Davidson, Solon High School. Justin Fitzgerald, Cleveland Heights High School. Regina McWilliams, Our Lady of the Elms.

Grade 8: Carter Hyde, Eastern Heights Middle School. Jordan Major, Roxboro Middle School. Thomas Schill, Rocky River Middle School.

Grade 7: Benjamin King, Paul L Dunbar Elementary School. Jeffery Morgan, Academy of St. Bartholomew Elementary. Nolan Weaver, Rocky River Middle School.

Grade 6: Carly Conrad, Copley-Fairlawn Middle School. Jill Klika, Miller South School of the Arts. Rebecca Oet, Orchard Middle School, Solon.

Essays were scored impartially by readers and judges, using a points-based system that did not identify the student in any way. Each essay was scored by at least three readers. Grades 6-10 finalists were determined by aggregate reader scores. Semi-finalists for the scholarship prizes were the top-scoring 11-12 grade students. Scholarship winners were determined by a combination of essay and oral presentation scores.

Through a generous grant from the Martha Holden Jennings Foundation, more than 400 students in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District were able to participate in the Stop The Hate: Youth Sing Out competition. In collaboration with Roots of American Music, a local music education non-profit, teaching artists led residencies at Riverside, Newton D. Baker, Franklin Roosevelt and Charles Eliot Elementary Schools and John F. Kennedy, Collinwood, Lincoln-West, along with John Marshall High schools. The students took what they have learned at the museum back to the classroom and incorporated themes of diversity and tolerance into their lives. Two schools were chosen by community judges to perform their songs that evening, Newton D. Baker and John Marshall High School.

This event had such a strong message of how to literally stop the hate and bring peace and love back into the lives of our youth, and how they have done so thus far. It is always a heart-warming sight to see when the young people of Cleveland come together. To see more on this story and others in our community, stay tuned to Tv20.

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Positively Cleveland Unveils Local Movement

By: Catrina Leone

Positively Cleveland, the convention and visitors bureau for Greater Cleveland, launched a new brand to attract visitors to Cleveland at an annual meeting this past Wednesday. The goal is to boost tourism to Northeast Ohio and the premise behind Cleveland’s new destination brand is simple: Cleveland doesn’t follow anyone’s rules, it makes its own. The brand mostly focuses on the city’s world-class art, culture and rock and roll in a way that is fun, irreverent and always unmistakable.

positively cleveland

David Gilbert, President and CEO of Positively Cleveland stated, ” We have created a new destination brand because it’s time to change the narrative about Cleveland at home and outside the city. Right now, Cleveland is enjoying a renaissance along with the benefits of billions of dollars in new development and improvements. Now is the time to drive more travel and tourism to Cleveland.”

The new destination brand centers on the uniqueness of the city and its eclectic mix of people. The brand is designed to make Cleveland more attractive to visitors-particularly Millennials and Generation Xers. The imagery involved in the new destination brand is what many describe as “sophisticated grit.” The images that will be used will appear to have an Instagram-like feel that is quite raw, but always authentic.

The Brand Process 1: Identifying The Right Partners

- Positively Cleveland selected MMGY Global, the largest firm in the world specializing in travel marketing, as an advisor to provide an unbiased outsider’s view of how Cleveland is perceived within the marketplace. They are also closely working with local firm thunder::tech on the local movement, #ThisisCLE, which ties directly to the branding initiatives.

The Brand Process 2: Strategic Brand Research

Positively Cleveland conducted four perception studies surveying residents, potential visitors and meeting planners in order to understand Cleveland as a destination product. The outcome showcased that there was a significant communication gap between the perception and reality of Cleveland as a destination. Knowing the input of locals was absolutely necessary to the success of the brand. MMGY Global held objective and unbiased interviews with nearly 100 Clevelanders. This included stakeholders, restaurant owners, servers, hotel workers, bartenders, restaurant customers, music advocates, healthcare leaders and many more.

The Brand Process 3: Brand Identity Development And Testing

- Because of the challenges Cleveland has experienced, the brand is designed to show visitors that the city is more creative, fun and an amazing place to visit. In an effort to test the new brand, Positively Cleveland conducted focus groups with Millenials and Generation Xers in Detroit and Columbus. During those focus groups, the facilitator started the conversation by asking the groups their thoughts on Cleveland and if they would consider visiting. “The results were outstanding. There was a significantly positive shift in the responses from the focus groups after seeing the brand essence video. It demonstrated to us that we are moving in the right direction,” Gilbert commented.

The Brand Process 4: Execution And Next Steps

- The brand will be launched with two campaigns; one for leisure visitors and one for meeting planners. The leisure campaign, “And for that, you’re welcome.” will include online advertising, print advertising, marketing collateral, a new website (www.ThisisCleveland.com) and out-of-home advertising. A meetings and conventions campaign, “World class experiences without the world-class ego,” will include online and trade publication advertising, as well as a newly branded trade show booth for Positively Cleveland’s convention sales team to use. Social media will become a huge platform for this new brand. They want to encourage visitors to brag about their favorite parts of our city by taking pictures and then posting them to www.ThisisCLE.com!

Cleveland is a great place to be. I think this campaign will help truly showcase the positive impact Cleveland has on its visitors. CLEVELAND ROCKS! TV20 was at the event, you can watch our coverage coming up during the “Weekly News Wrap-Up” Stay tuned to TV20 for more on what is happening in our community!

Check out the new destination branding video for Cleveland!


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Cleveland Hopkins Unveils Final Terrazzo Floor Artwork Piece

By: Catrina Leone

Its emerald necklace covers the city with lush green foliage; its lake provides spectacular views with sailboats dotting the horizon while providing life-giving water for the city. Cleveland is literally green from all angels-this is how artist Mark Rook describes his terrazzo floor art piece, which was unveiled by Mayor Frank Jackson and Airport Director Ricky Smith.


This piece is entitled Green Utopia and is the last of seven terrazzo floor art pieces installed throughout the four concourses and main terminak at Hopkins Airport. It is located across from gate A5 in Concourse A.

Airport Director Ricky Smith stated, ” The unveiling of the final floor art piece brings an end to the terrazzo floor art project which has been a true labor of love. Each piece represents various elements of the city of Cleveland and we are proud of all the hard work that was put into this project by all the artists and contractors.”


Green Utopia artist Mark Rook was one of more than 25 Northeast Ohio artists that responded to the call for artists issued back in 2009. The first floor art piece was completed in May 2011.

“As a Cleveland artist/designer, I am honored to be a part of the revitalization of the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport.”, Mark stated. His piece represents sustainability in such a great way! Mark has over 20 years of experience in the graphic design field, serving as a Graphic Designer and Creative Director for Cleveland-area publishing, health care and consumer products companies.

This is a great addition to Cleveland and are definitely sticking with the theme : GO GREEN! Stay tuned to TV20 foe more on this story and others in our area!

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Cleveland Transformation Alliance

By: Catrina Leone


Another big move for Cleveland! New tools to help Cleveland families make informed decisions about the schools their children attend, including an interactive and comprehensive “report card” on every public school in the city was unveiled at a Press Conference by Mayor Frank Jackson. The Cleveland Transformation Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to growing a portfolio of high-performing district and charter schools in Cleveland.

alliance event


The report card is now available as the Alliance launches its website and “Choose Your School!”- which is a citywide outreach campaign to help encourage families to become active, engaged, and empowered “school choosers” for 2014-2015. This is a great way to make sure parents are choosing the right school for their children! Mayor Jackson stated, ” This effort reflects my deep committment to Cleveland’s citizens to transform our school system so that all children can experience a quality education. For the first time, comprehensive information on every district and charter schools can be found in one place, so families can learn about their many options when it comes to public schools.”

alliance event 4

The Cleveland Transformation Alliance has a mission of ensuring that every child in Cleveland attends an excellent school and that every neighborhood has many great schools to pick from. The organization is a key component of Cleveland’s Plan for Transforming Schools and advocates for progress outlined within the Cleveland Plan, which is the citywide education plan.


alliance event 2

“With a growing number of innovative school models and charter school options available to families, our goal through this program is to make the community aware of all public school options across the city,” said Megan O’Bryan, executive director.

At the press conference, it was also announced that the new Alliance website has been launched! This website is where you can view your report card, a great website families can interact with. The “report card” offers information on how to choose a school, special programs and features, state academic rating, enrollment process and more. This website serves as the communication platform for the main goal of the Alliance.

The Cleveland Plan I mentioned earlier, outlines four distinctive work roles for the Alliance:

1. Assess the quality of all district and charter schools in our area.

2. Communicate to parents about quality school choices.

3. Ensure fidelity to the citywide education plan.

4. Monitor charter sector quality and growth.

The Alliance Board of Directors stands unified for quality schools and includes representatives from Cleveland Metropolitan School District, Cleveland Teachers Union, charter school authorizes, the business community, foundations, parents and educators.

The Alliance derives its main mission and scope from Cleveland’s Plan for Transforming Schools, the 2012 blueprint for a comprehensive reinvention of public education in Cleveland. This plan lays out the city’s transition to a portfolio strategy– a new system of district and charter schools held to the highest standard of performance with innovative partnerships to create dramatic achievement gains for every student. It aims to create an environment that empowers and values principles and teachers as professionals and makes certain that our students are held to the highest of expectations.

This plan recognizes that public education in Cleveland has come to a crossroads. Recent reform efforts undertaken by the Cleveland Metropolitan School District and its partners have generated positive results for some students. The number of high performing district and charter schools in Cleveland has grown from 14 in 2006 to 37 in 2011, which means there were more than 11,400 students enrolled.

The “portfolio strategy” has four major components: Grow the number of high-performing district and charter schools in Cleveland, Focus District’s central office on key roles and transfer authority and resources to schools, invest and phase in high-leverage system reforms across all schools, and to create the Cleveland Transformation Alliance to ensure accountability for all public schools. I will give important details about each step:

Grow the number of high-performing district and charter schools:

The main goal is to increase the number of high-performing schools while reducing and eventually eliminating low-performing schools. They will ensure this by; promoting, expanding, and replicating existing high-performing district and charter schools; starting new schools, refocusing and strengthening mid performing schools and lastly, by repurposing and addressing low-performing schools.

Focus district’s central office on key roles and transfer authority and resources to schools

The primary focus of central office will be to oversee the portfolio in three fundamental ways. The primary focus of central office will be to oversee the portfolio of schools to ensure continuous improvement, provide system coordination for essential functions, and provide some targeted services directly to schools.

Invest and phase in high-leverage system reforms

Cleveland will invest in several fundamental building blocks upon which this plan must be built: high quality preschool education, college and workforce readiness, year-round calendar, talent recruitment, and capacity building, academic technology enhancement and support for high-quality charter schools,

Create the Cleveland Transformation Alliance to ensure accountability for all public schools

It will assume the following unique roles: ensure fidelity to the citywide education plan, assess the quality of all Cleveland schools, communicate to parents about quality school choices and serve as a watchdog for charter sector growth in our city. The main goal is by the end of 6 years, the number of Cleveland students enrolled in high-performing district and charter schools will triple.


alliance event 3

Education is such an important part of a child’s life. I think this plan will only help families and children grow into who they can be and were meant to be. Mayor Frank Jackson, along with the Cleveland Alliance ensure this will be a great fresh start  for the Cleveland School District! Stay tuned to TV20 for more on this story and others in our community!

*All images provided by: Clare Walters, City of Cleveland*

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Vote For Cleveland!



Cleveland has been chosen as one of the cities nominated to host the 2016 Republican National Convention! Click on the link below to cast your vote to bring the RNC to the CLE!!


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Go Red For Women

By: Catrina Leone


Another reason to go red in Cleveland! Red is a very enticing color as is, so imagine being in a room with a sea of it, I was “seeing red”, in a good way of course! Last Friday, 1,000 ladies and men gathered in the new Convention center for the “Go Red for Women” 11th annual event and luncheon. I had the honor and privilege to be there, along with Ciarra Nelson, TV20 reporter. It was such a great atmosphere, I could literally feel the warmth radiating from the crowd. It meant a lot to me more so as well, because I have a heart defect and hearing the different stories of survival and strength was heart-warming in and of itself.

go red 2

This event raised $900,000. Last year it raised $847,000, and ranked second in the amount brought in out of more than 200 Go Red for Women events across the country. Go Red For Women, an American Heart Association event, is nationally sponsored by Macy’s and Merck pharmaceutical company. Local sponsors are University Hospitals Harrington Heart & Vascular InstituteKeyBank, Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Dealer Tire, HealthSpan and Parker Hannifin Corp.

The expo combines need-to-know information with a dash of fun and, this year, a sliver of style, thanks to Virginia Marti College of Art and Design students who put on a fashion show of their own work.

go red

As for heart-health statistics, the audience learned that:

1. Heart disease is the number one killer of women aged 20 and older, and the disease kills about one woman every minute.

2. More women die of cardiovascular diseases than the next five causes of death combined, including all forms of cancer.

3. While those statistics are startling, 80 percent of cardiac events can be prevented if women make the right choices for their hearts about diet, exercise and abstaining from smoking.

Monica Robins, senior health correspondent at Channel 3 also spoke the statistics when it comes to this disease,  stating that, “The number of women who are aware that heart disease is their number one killer has increased by 23 percent,” Robins told the audience. “Thirty-four percent fewer women are dying each year of heart disease, which translates to 330 fewer women dying every day.”

Two of the three featured speakers, 31-year-old Bridget Perez of Hudson and Dr. Guilherme Oliveira, brought home the message that there can be a connection between cancer and heart disease. Oliveira is director of the Advanced Heart Failure Center and Onco-Cardiology program at University Hospitals Harrington Heart & Vascular Institute.

Perez became a patient of Oliveira’s after she developed heart problems while being treated with chemotherapy and medication for cancer. The program that Oliveira assesses, monitors and treats patients undergoing chemotherapy or chest radiation who may develop cardiac dysfunction.

Women and heart disease were not the only highlights of the luncheon. Eli Thomas of Lakewood was there to get everyone more involved with CPR. He encouraged a proposal to have CPR training become a graduation requirement in high schools.

“In Ohio and in many states across the county, the American Heart Association is working to increase the number of individuals that are trained in lifesaving CPR,” Thomas told the audience. “Making CPR a graduation requirement would effectively train more 123,000 Ohioans each year.”

The exhibit had so much to offer the audience, including heart-health information, free screenings provided by University Hospitals, a healthy cooking demonstration by Whole Foods, and a Macy’s Estee Lauder kiosk where women could get their lips touched up — of course, in red.

This event was very touching to me, I am so thankful I got to be apart of it. The more knowledge we can spread, the more people come together to fight for the same cause. It filled my heart with hope for the women suffering with this disease, tomorrow is a new day, never give up, you have so many “Red” supporters behind you! Stay tuned to TV20, as this will run in our news this week, along with many other stories circling Cleveland!

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