Italian-American Heritage Month: “A Decade Long Celebration”

Amie Sayles, TV20 on October 21, 2016 at 12:21 PM

It’s October which for Northeast Ohio signals the commencement of the month long celebration of Italian-American culture, history, heritage, and contribution. Cleveland’s rich diversity lays a firm foundation for such an event, which is why it has been a ten year keeping.

Mayor Frank G. Jackson at the tenth annual Italian-American Heritage Event


“The City of Cleveland’s diversity is one of our greatest assets.” -Mayor Frank G. Jackson


This year’s ceremony was held in the Rotunda of Cleveland City Hall. The event was attended by Mayor Frank G. Jackson and Councilman Matt Zone (Ward 15) who serve as the Honorary Co-Chairs of the Italian American Heritage Committee.

Four individuals/families were honored: Mario C. Ciano (business), Joseph J. and Marie Brescia Frank (Lifetime Achievement), the Di Fiore Family (entrepreneurs), and Frank F. Fiorilli (Individual), contributors who have rich backgrounds in advocacy, armed forces, entrepreneurship and volunteering.

All photos are provided courtesy of the City of Cleveland

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