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  1. Wondering where the video from Hopkins about the fire department and both the Mission Lifeline award and Stop the Bleed campaign is? I haven’t seen it posted and I heard a lot about it from the firefighters I know.

    1. Hi there! It is currently still being edited, but expect it to be airing on TV20 and up on our Youtube in the following week or two.

  2. Come on people. I’m sure you can do a better job of broadcasting these committee hearing. Suggestion: when presenters have power point presentations and there are questions/comments from the participants why not go to split screen rather than staying on focused on the power point display. believe it or not the public is watching and view the participants

    1. Hello! King of the Ring Boxing has already aired. If you would like to purchase a DVD copy please call 216.664.8621. Thank you for watching TV20!

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