20 QB’s In Just 14 Years!

TV20 Sports Report

By: Christian Patterson





The Cleveland Browns have now started their 20th quarterback since the teams return in 1999.  Just last week I asked the question: Have we seen the last of Brandon Weeden? Now that they have taken a chance of starting Jason Campbell I think the answer is yes!

No!  Jason Campbell is not the quarterback of the future at age 31 and 3 injuries, but we definitely have someone who can stay competitive to finish out the season.

The browns may have thought about tanking but with Jason Campbell in the line up we have a chance to compete, spread the ball and maybe win a few more games.  Who knows how our record would be if he started the 3 games that Brandon Weeden started?!

Campbell was able to get out of the pocket and elude defenders while only being sacked once in his first start for the Browns, not to mention our defense has been playing pretty good!  They pressure the ball and pick up a lot of sacks and make the quarterback rush plays.

At $25 million, the Browns have the most salary cap money in the NFL and a nice amount of picks for the 2014 NFL Draft.  If we can stay steady and have a respectable season our team could be on the verge of making a huge leap going into the near future!

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