Cleveland Museum of Art Chalk Festival!

This past Saturday TV20 reporter Leah Haslage was at the Cleveland Museum of Art for the 23rd Annual Chalk Festival. This fun event was open to the public and free to walk around and enjoy. Thousands of people came out to enjoy the work of both featured professional artists and non-professionals just looking to create.

One featured artist, Wendy Mahon, was enjoying her 9th year at the Chalk Festival. She found creating with chalk liberating because it will eventually wash away so there’s no pressure with it. She also enjoyed walking around and seeing what everyone participating was creating.

Vince Ballentine, who is a first time featured artist, was excited at the opportunity to show his work. He was creating chalk art based off the current Youth & Beauty exhibit at the museum.


Featured Artist Vince Ballentine

Stay tuned to TV20 to see more of Leah’s coverage of this event!

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