Community Spotlight: City of Cleveland Animal Care & Control

TV20 is back with the first episode of Community Spotlight for 2019! In this week’s episode, host Leah Haslage sat down with John Baird, Chief Animal Control Officer for the City of Cleveland Division of Animal Care & Control to discuss pet safety, animal abuse, and pet adoption.

Tags & Collars

With Christmas and New Years having come and gone, there will be plenty of new & first time pet owners. To ensure your pets safety there are three important steps you should consider: having a collar, taking updated photos, and micro-chipping.

Having a collar with the name of your pet and your home address can ensure that they can be returned safely should they ever escape from the house.

Having up-to-date photos of your pets means that you’ll be able to confirm their identity should they be picked up by animal control.

Last, but certainly not least, having your pet micro-chipped will enter them into a national database, meaning that they can be scanned at any pound or vets office and safely returned to your home.

Animal Abuse

While many pet owners will have good intentions for their fuzzy family members, there are unfortunately some who don’t. Dog fighting and other forms of animal abuse are real crimes across the country and city.

If you suspect an individual or location may be participating in dog fighting, we urge you to contact the City of Cleveland Animal Care & Control  at 216-664-3069 in order for the information to be passed on to the proper experts.

If you suspect that an animal or pet may be subject to abuse, contact the Animal Protective League at 216-771-4616.

Finally, if you are witness to an active, organized, dog fight, immediately call 9-1-1.


The State of Ohio requires all dog owners to purchase a dog license. Yearly dog licenses go on sale December 1st and are available at a reduced price ($20) until January 31st. Licenses purchased after this time frame will cost $40 for one year. 

There are also three year licenses available for $60 along with a lifetime license for $200. Licenses can be purchased via mail, in person, or online. More information on these options can be found at

By purchasing a license, your dog will be given a unique license number, which can be attached to their collar, allowing them to be easily identified and returned home should they go missing.

If you or someone you know are looking for a new addition to your family, consider adopting a rescue before looking in pet stores. You can find a list of pets available for adoption from the city kennel at


If you have any questions regarding animal adoption, animal control, or just wish to learn more about the various organizations mentioned today, you can find the appropriate contact information below. 

Cleveland Animal Care & Control
Phone: 216.664.3069

City Dogs of Cleveland
Phone: 216.664.3476
Twitter: @CityDogsCLE

Animal Protective League
Phone: 216-771-4616

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