Community Spotlight – Youth Opportunities Unlimited

Welcome back to another episode of Community Spotlight! In this episode, TV20 host Leah Longbrake sat down with Eric Dillenbeck & Armani Richardson from Youth Opportunities Unlimited.

Youth Opportunities Unlimited was founded in 1982 by the late George Voinovich with one goal in mind: get youth working. Over the years, Y.O.U separated from City Hall and became its own non-profit, faithfully serving the youth of Greater Cleveland.

One of the first steps youth can take are stopping by the Youth Adult Resource Center, located at 1910 Carnegie Avenue in the Ohio Means Jobs Building. There, you have access to tutoring, resume-building workshops, interview practice, and even some basic job-readiness training. It is also one of the first steps that can be taken towards working with Y.O.U.

Y.O.U. has partnered with a number of organizations such as Ohio Means Jobs and the City of Cleveland. Together, they bring career and training opportunities to Cleveland youth between the ages of 14 and 24. With programs such as their Young Adult Opportunities Program and their Summer Youth Employment Program.

Last summer, 1,500 students enjoyed a four to eight week employment opportunity with Y.O.U. and the City of Cleveland. The Cleveland Department of Water alone offered more than 200 spots for Y.O.U. participants. Similar programs are available for young adults between 18-24 who have graduated high school. Often times, these temporary positions lead to long term job offers and careers.

Y.O.U. can also be found in the classroom with their Jobs for Ohio’s Graduates program. Currently located in nine schools in the Greater Cleveland Area, JOG aims to assist students not only in moving onto the next grade level, but also graduating and going on to a post-secondary education.

There’s much more to learn about Youth Opportunities Unlimited, so be sure to catch this episode of Community Spotlight. Find more information on Y.O.U. on their website,, call at 216-566-5445, or on any of their social media: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.