Dia De Los Muertos Day In Cleveland!

Dia De Los Muertos Ohio aka Day of the Dead Ohio is an annual cultural event put on by ALU – Artistas Latinos Unidos, local artists and volunteers in the Latino and Arts communities of the Greater Cleveland Area.

A mix of ancient Aztec and Mayan traditions along with traditional rituals celebrating the lives of beloved dead ancestors, relatives, and loved ones. The day is a colorful celebration of life and a mockery of death. Meant to be a lot of fun, the annual holiday falls around November 1st & 2nd every year. A spiritual celebration of cultural beauty of people and meant to pay respects to the beloved deceased.  The holiday is celebrated primarily in Mexico & Guatemala as well as other parts of Latin America…and all over the U.S.  including in the last 6 years…here in Cleveland, OH!

To see reporter Justine Greenwald’s full coverage of  Dia De Los Muertos stay tuned to TV20!

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