Dr. Robert Needlman’s “Reach Out and Read Program”

In this TV20 spotlight special, Monyka Price, Chief of Education for the City of Cleveland, sat down with Dr. Robert Needlman, pediatrician at MetroHealth, to continue the discussion on “Reach Out and Read.”

On our last special with Chief Price, we discussed what kind of program Reach Out and Read is. Today, we sit down with Dr. Robert Needlman, one of the medical professionals who had a hand in developing Reach Out and Read into what it is today.

Along with a brief history of Reach Out and Read, Dr. Needlman provided some insight into the benefits that a program similar to it provides to both children and their families.

To learn more about the Reach Out and Read program and its history, you can go to http://www.reachoutandreadgc.org.

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