Rough Draft?

Erica Hall

TV20 Intern


June 19, 2013- With the 2013 NBA Draft vastly approaching just one week from today, the anticipation over what the Cavaliers are going to do with the number one pick is high. I’m talking Blake Griffin’s vertical high! There’s so many postulations floating around but with no real super star talent present in this year’s draft class, no one can be certain.

We have some folks who are set on Victor Oladipo. The junior guard out of Indiana has been slowly creeping up the draft boards as he’s played hard this season and intrigued us all. While the young man is a great athlete, I don’t think he’s enough to occupy the void the Cavs are trying to fill.

What about my man Ben McLemore? Along with a lot of other people, I like him most out of this draft class but I don’t think the Cavs are going here either. The Cavs just drafted Dion Waiters last year; he’s already starting and gave us good minutes. Although the Cavs could obtain McLemore and go with a three guard rotation for this season, I just don’t see them picking up another shooting guard.

We can’t forget about Alex Len. He had a solid year averaging 11.9 pts, 7.8 rebounds, and 2.1 blocks in only 26.4 minutes per game. Not to mention the young guy is 7’1”. He could potentially be pulled on board to strengthen the Cavs inside presence, one of the key goals I believe they have for this upcoming season.

What I would love to see is for the Cavs to trade some of their first rounds picks and maybe some money as well with another team to obtain a more seasoned veteran. I believe that would be the smartest move because the Cavs are already so young, we don’t want to have an entire team full of inexperienced players. An addition of someone with playoff experience who can be a leader for us right now might get us back to the big stage. But who knows what might happen, Dan Gilbert and his staff always like to surprise us.


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