TV20 Holiday Programming Guide

Hey Cleveland! For the holidays, we’ve got some special programming lined up. The schedule will be running from December 24th to the 26th, and then December 30th to January 1st.  This includes Christmas and New Years Eve. Happy Holidays!

7:30 AM- Senior Coed Volleyball Championship:
Earle B Turner Vs. Lonnie Burten

8:30 AM-Community Theater:
Bully Project II

10:00 AM- Junior Boys Basketball Championship:
Central Vs. JFK

11:00 AM- Little F Baseball Championship:
Collinwood Vs. Clark

1:00 PM- Community Theater:
The Mighty Scarabs

3:30 PM- Flag Football Championship:
Estabrook Vs. Cudell

5:00 PM- Senior Girls Basketball Championship:
Collinwood/Glenville Vs. Earle B. Turner

6:30 PM- Community Theater:
Crystal Clear

7:30 PM- Connie Mack Baseball Chamionship:
Estabrook Vs. OBall

9:30 PM- Junior Girls Allstar Basketball:
Allstars Vs. Allstars

11:00 PM- Show Wagon:
The Song and Dance Show

12:30 AM- Junior Girls Allstar Basketball:
Allstars Vs. Allstars

2:00 AM- Mickey Mantle Championship: 
Michael Zone Vs. Estabrook

4:30 AM- Community Theater: 
Holiday Promise

6:00 AM- Flag Football:
Clark/Halloran Vs. Gunning