TV20 News: Week of 6/03/19

Here’s what you can find in this week’s episode of TV20 News.

Cleveland Police Badge Case Ceremony (1:00)

During Cleveland Police Week, the annual Badge Case Ceremony took place at the Justice Center to honor those who have fallen in the line of duty.  Patrol Officer Aaron Betley, was the guest speaker and shared stories about the late Officer Vu Nguyen, who was his friend and patrol partner.

Mock Trial Awards Ceremony (2:45)

After the conclusion of the 2019 Mock Trial competition, all the teams gathered in the jury room to learn who would be taking home the awards. CMSD CEO Eric Gordon congratulated all the teams for their hard work in the competition.

Silver Spokes Bicycle Event (5:25)

The Cleveland Department of Aging welcomed senior citizens to the Collinwood Resource and Recreation center for a hands on experience with bicycles. Before they could try out the bikes, they attended a bicycle safety seminar from Bike Cleveland’s Deltrece Daniels.

13th Annual Stockyard Bicycle Fix A Thon (7:35)

Cycle enthusiasts came together for the 13th Annual Stockyard Bike-A-Thon at Clark Elementary School, but before they could hit the road they got some much needed repairs. The Free event helped residents get up to 50 dollars’ worth of freshening up thanks to volunteers with the Ohio City Bicycle Co-op.

Stockyard Bike A Thon (8:45)

Families hit the streets with their updated rides at the 13th Annual Stockyard Bike A Thon. The free neighborhood event was more than just a reason to get out and ride, says Captain Keith Sulzer of the Cleveland Division of Police.

College Signing Day at East Tech (10:25)

For the second year in a row College Now has hosted their college signing day for the seniors of East Tech. The graduation rate at the school has continued to climb, and more students are deciding to further their education after high school.

2019 Anna V. Brown Conference (13:30

The 2019 Anna V. Brown Community Forum and Conference was held at the McGregor Place in East Cleveland. The audience for the conference was made up of social workers, caretakers, seniors and family members. The keynote speech was given by Dr. Ann W. Winn.  Dr. Winn spoke about reassessing the needs of black elders.

Senior Day 2019 (15:50)

Nearly 2 thousand people filled Cleveland Public Hall to take part in the city’s 30th Annual Senior Day celebration. Mayor Frank Jackson welcomed everyone to the event. Though today was a day to celebrate all senior citizens, a select few were chosen, one from each ward, and walked across stage with their councilperson to accept their certificate.

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