TV20 Sports: Week of Boys Basketball

Hey TV20 Sports fan, we have a special treat for you this week. Airing all this week are back to back to back brand new episodes of TV20 Sports!

We’ve got the 2019 Youth (Estabrook Vs. Lonnie Burten), Junior (Fairfax Vs. Lonnie Burten), and Senior (Glenville Vs. Lonnie Burten) Boys Basketball Championship games for you to enjoy. The schedule is as follows:

• 2:00 AM- Senior Boys Championship
• 3:30 AM- Junior Boys Championship
• 5:00 AM- Youth Boys Championship

• 1:00 PM- Junior Boys Championship
• 2:30 PM- Youth Boys Championship
• 4:00 PM- Senior Boys Championship

• 7:00 PM- Youth Boys Championship
• 8:30 PM- Junior Boys Championship
• 10:00 PM- Senior Boys Championship

We’ve also got the new episodes up on our Youtube channel for you to enjoy. Head on over to our TV20 Sports playlist at


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