Weekly-News-Wrap-Up: November 17th

It has been a big week in Cleveland!! There are always so many great stories to make note of, let’s take a look at what some of those are for this week:

Ebola Up-Date Press Conference

A Press Conference was held by Mayor Frank Jackson, Director of Public Health Toinette Parrilla, and other officials to give closing remarks and up-dates regarding the Ebola scare that surfaced almost month ago. Amber Vinson has been cleared from the virus, and is now doing well. The individuals under quarantine, have left Ohio with 0 cases of Ebola.

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The main objective of the closing Press Conference was to thank the Officials involved and the public for the way the situation was handled, as well as to give future plans in the event another crisis arises. Chief Medical officer of University Hospital was among the many Representatives there, and he spoke about the importance of knowing all of the facts and how his team was prepared! It was great to see our City come together the way it did, so now we will be able to handle future endeavors the same way, if they arise!

Carbon Monoxide Press Conference

The Cleveland Division of Fire and Dominion of Ohio, held a Press Conference to emphasize the importance of preventing carbon monoxide leaks, and knowing the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. This came about in the wake of a local family of 6 becoming hospitalized, after the gas was leaked in there home.

Carbon monoxide has no odor, or color, therefore it is harder to detect! Representatives from both departments provided tips and facts for the public to make themselves and their families aware of, as well as key ways to protect you and your loved ones!

For additional information on carbon monoxide in general, or further tips regarding CO poisoning, make sure to check out our post right here on Tv20cleveland.com to receive those important tips!

The Ohio Center For Broadcasting Program

The Broadcasting industry is an amazing and exciting field!! There are some programs that give you that hands on experience, one in particular gives students the chance to network with those in the field through an externship/internship!

I am a recent graduate of the Ohio Center For Broadcasting, which is an 11 month program with all of the key essentials to get your foot in the door and land your dream job! I must say, it has helped me land mine. With state of the art equipment, radio and television studios, editing programs, and as mentioned, a chance to land an internship, this program is a vital one!

Mark Quinn Award


I started off as an intern here at TV20, and worked hard to prove my skills and talents. Now only two months after graduating, I am here as a full time member! Which i owe to my staff, OCB, and of course God! Mark Quinn is the internship coordinator at the school, and recently won the Commitment to Education Award, granted by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges for all of his hard work and efforts. It is important to make note that Mark has a background working in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, which is where he gained the web experience he has now! Interns are a vital part to the company as well, as it showcases what the student can do, and how they work in an actual real-work environment! For more information on The Ohio Center For Broadcasting, make sure to visit their website at:


Larchmere Streetscape Ribbon Cutting


Mayor Jackson was joined by local residents and other Officials to celebrate the completion of the Larchmere Boulevard Streetscape Project, with a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. This new streetscape spans the area between North Moreland Boulevard to Martin Luther King Jr. Drive!

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson spoke during the ribbon-cutting ceremony, thanking residents for their patience as the two-year project worked its way to completion. Cleveland paid a large share of the project’s costs, aided by a $587,000 federal Transportation Enhancement Grant.

“This is an infrastructure investment that will benefit the entire community,” Jackson said.  The city of Shaker Heights contributed $200,000, according to Planning Director Joyce Braverman.

“We’re very excited about this,” said Shaker Heights Mayor Earl Leiken, who also spoke during the ceremony. “This makes the area more attractive for members of both communities, but the biggest thing is that we came together to make this project happen. You don’t often see two cities work together like this.” Work was done along Larchmere between East 121st Street and North Moreland Boulevard. Leiken said the shopping district, formed in 1929, is the second oldest in the county having been formulated before nearby Shaker Square.

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