What should the Cleveland Browns do with their first round draft choices?

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By: Christian Patterson


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The Cleveland Browns are actually in a great predicament, pretty much the same predicament they were in when they drafted Trent Richardson and Brandon Weeden.  The Browns possess two first-round picks entering the 2014 NFL Draft.

Unless you have been hiding under a rock you know the Browns have been in search for a franchise quarterback for over a decade.  Now with two first-round draft picks the real question is, what pick should they select a quarterback?  The easy answer to that question is with the fourth overall pick.  But with all the talent coming out this season at the quarterback position the Browns could easily grab a good quarterback with their second first-round pick.

The Browns should really think about taking Sammy Watkins, the receiver from Clemson with the fourth overall pick.  Overall, talent will get you wins in the NFL especially when you have a good defense.  Watkins has the potential to be a dominant receiver on the next level.  You pair him with second year standout Josh Gordon and third year standout Jordan Cameron and you have an elite receiving core.

Watkins had a standout season for Clemson this year.  As a junior starting receiver he posted 101 receptions for 1,464 yards and 12 touchdowns.  Cleveland fans might not be happy how he performed against The Ohio State Buckeyes in the Orange Bowl but it was amazing!  His best game of the season to be exact!  Watkins finished with 16 receptions for 227 yards and 2 touchdowns.  You can’t pass up on that type of talent especially when you already have an elite receiver to pair him with on your roster.

Using the second first-round pick on a quarterback will help benefit our team because you still get a top-tier quarterback not to mention you will have another receiver with enormous potential.  Not to mention the Browns still have Brian Hoyer who will probably be the starter this season with Jason Campbell as the backup.  This is the perfect scenario for the Browns to do something they have never done, let a rookie quarterback come in learn the system and get better before throwing him to the wolves.

The NFL Draft is months away but the Cleveland Browns really have some things to consider.




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