Winter in Cleveland

With winter right around the corner, the City of Cleveland hosted a press conference to discuss their plans to combat this years snow, along with tips to make sure your winter is as safe and hassle free as possible.

          This year, the Cleveland administration will be tackling the weather head on.  Chief Darnell Brown, Director of Safety Michael McGrath, Director of Public works Michael Cox, Director of Public Utilities Robert Davis, and Director of Port Control Robert Kennedy all spoke last week on how their departments will be cooperating and handling the weather.  With 54 main roads and over 8000 side roads to clear of snow, it’ll take a group effort.

Along with the discussion came a number of useful tips that citizens should utilize as the weather gets colder and the space heaters get hotter.

1. Check all smoke detector batteries.
2. Install a carbon monoxide detector in your home.
3. Prepare your vehicle for the cold. Pack an extra change of clothes + a small amount of non-perishable food. (Peanut butter was highly recommended)
4.  Drain and disconnect all outdoor hoses.
5. Take the time to locate the master shutoff valve in case of a mainline break.
6. A pencil thin stream of water will prevent your pipes from freezing.
7. Be aware of street bans. Residents are given between 1-2 hours to move their car once a ban has been set in place.
8. Don’t Block The Box! To prevent gridlock, don’t pull into an intersection until you are able to clear it.
9. Rotten Egg Smell + Nausea=Sewer Gas Backup.
10. Sign up for Code Red, Cleveland’s emergency notification system.