3rd District Police HQ Groundbreaking & Presser

By: Catrina Leone, Intern

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Another groundbreaking ceremony in Cleveland! This ceremony took place yesterday, October 24th. Mayor Frank Jackson and other city officials held this event for their new 3rd District Police Headquarters. The location of this wonderful addition will be 4501 Chester Avenue in Cleveland. This new building will be three floors which totals 61,413 square feet! The construction will begin in November and is expected to open in Spring of 2015, which before we know it, we will blink our eyes and it will be here! You might be wondering which areas the 3rd district covers. The area from the East bank of the Cuyahoga River To University Circle and Little Italy. All the planning and hard work put in by everyone involved will soon pay off. Mayor Jackson comments how it has been a “long time coming”, but good things take time and this is definitely one of those things that was worth the wait. The snow yesterday didn’t stop anyone from coming out. Chief Michael McGrath states,”There’s a real need here for the division of police but also for the communities.” “I’m very excited. It could be snowing right now but that doesn’t matter. This is a great thing.”


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The first and second floor of this new amazing building will house all Third District of Police functions and service units. The new home for the citywide public safety communications for police, fire EMS dispatchers and call takers, will be located on the third floor. “When you go out to the current Third District, it’s functional, but it needs a lot of repairs. It has a lot to be desired.” said Mayor Frank Jackson. “This facility will be state of the art.”

Some special features to also be included are the lockers of two Third District police officers who died in the line of duty. This will be installed to keep their memory alive, it is a very heart-felt addition. A community and safe room will also be added. The site and actual building itself will include public art, done by local artists. This will give the area a one of a kind feeling and also presents the opportunity to showcase the talent and creativity of local citizens. Another great thing to mention, is this building is designed to be energy-efficient. This building will be another great location in Cleveland that will serve an amazing purpose. McGrath also mentions that “It is an honor and a privilege to announce today’s Groundbreaking for the new Third District Police Station. This is a joyous occasion, especially for the community and the officers of the Third District. Today, we break ground for an inspiring and critically needed new structure to better serve the community. The Third District started out on Payne Avenue and during the restructuring of the Division of Police, the Third District was moved to E. 105th & Chester which was the old Fifth District Police Station.  The Fifth District was merged with District Three, Four and Five.”


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Without the help and support of the following people, this would not be possible: Mayor Frank Jackson, City Council, Midtown Comidor Project Members, Panzica Construction, and the residents of the third district, who came together with a common goal to turn the idea into reality. A special thank you also goes to  Ruggero Fatica, for the amazing pictures captured. As always, stay tuned to TV20 for more amazing coverage on this groundbreaking new addition.



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