B Movie Mayhem – Season 1 Recap

Where would we be without movies? Some of the most memorable characters, quotes, and stories, we have the silver screen to thank for.

From classics like The Godfather or Schindler’s List to more contemporary experiences like Fight Club or The Dark Knight, these films have set standards in storytelling and cinematography for decades to come.

Then, there are those other movies. You know the kind. The one’s you’ll only find on your local public access station playing sometime after any sensible being has gone to bed. Thankfully, Cousin Bobby is far from a sensible being.

You won’t be finding any Oscar winners here folks. This is B Movie Mayhem with your host, Cousin Bobby.

Night of the Living Dead

Cousin Bobby and his campaign of horror starts with this Zombie classic! Plus, a special visit from the police.

Plan 9 from Outer Space

Cousin Bobby screens the “worst film ever made” and discusses the religion that sprung out of it! BONUS: The only episode that has Bobby in a red shirt!

Satanic Rites of Dracula

Cousin Bobby discusses Hammer, Christopher Lee, and Peter Cushing! He also makes a special sacrifice to Dracula!

The Green Slime

Cousin Bobby talks about Japanese Sci-fi filmmaking AND has a strange mutation! It’s like a 2 for 1 deal!

His Girl Friday

Cousin Bobby covers Howard Hawks while screening this comedy classic, but what is he hiding in that desk?

Robot VS. The Aztec Mummy

Cousin Bobby gets a special visit from his good friend and local film critic Mark Clark! Finally, somebody who actually knows a thing or two about movies!

The Chinese Connection

Cousin Bobby talks about Bruce Lee and his legacy! Surprisingly, one of the only episodes where nothing awful happens to Bobby!

He Walked By Night

  Cousin Bobby interviews local Swamp Rock band Dark Water Rebellion! Come for the incredible road stories, stay for the sight of Bobby in shorts!

Hangar 18

 Cousin Bobby falls in love with an alien! In the meanwhile he screens this conspiracy thriller classic!

The Day the Sky Exploded

 Cousin Bobby discusses Mario Bava’s career! Plus, a two-minute lesson in Italian genre cinema!

Horror of Spider Island

Cousin Bobby talks about naughty bits in a way that won’t get censored on a government access channel! Also, a preview of Bobby’s Death Metal Opera on the life of Randy Savage!

Don’t Look in the Basement

Cousin Bobby covers the Video Nasty List! Also, will Bobby survive when his friend Doug snaps?!

Curse of Demon Mountain

Cousin Bobby DIES! He also talks about this Southern horror movie’s inexplicably good cast!

Dementia 13

  Cousin Bobby talks about the weird and wild aspects of Francis Ford Coppola’s career while screening this slasher classic!

Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter

Cousin Bobby screens this weird Western while interviewing David Huffman of Cleveland Cinemas and various guests at the 12 Hours of Terror!

King Kong Escapes

  Season 1 goes out with one of the most famous monsters of all time! Plus, the world debut of Cousin Bobby and his Kaiju Quartet!

Till next season B movie fans! While you’re waiting, you can follow Cousin Bobby on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter @CousinBobby216.

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3 thoughts on “B Movie Mayhem – Season 1 Recap

  1. Alex P., since CLE TV20 doesn’t come in on my DirecTV; after sampling Channels 8 and 19 on DirecTV, I sample Channel 20 on this laptop computer. I sometimes see “The Polka Train” on Ch. 20. I thank you for that. CLE Broadcast TV just has Polka music, as “bumper music,” as far as I know.

  2. I would guess that CLE TV20’s “B Movie Mayhem,” might be a little like The Ghoul’s movies. I don’t presently own a video recorder, and it isn’t very practical for me, to be up for those Midnight movies. I wonder, though, whether you play sound effects to these movies, like The Ghoul added to most of his movies. Is it practical for TV20 to repeat these movies, maybe later in the day? Maybe not. I watch CLE TV20 on the Internet. Thank you, Alex P.

    1. Hi Michael,

      Despite being in public domain status, due to Youtube’s content flagging system, we are unable to upload every film in their entirety. If you’re unable to make the late night airings, many of the films can be found at http://publicdomainmovies.net/ and can be watched along side their corresponding B Movie Mayhem episode.

      Thank you for tuning into TV20!

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