Can fans predict the future?


CLEVELAND – From “The Shot” that Michael Jordan sank to push the Chicago Bulls in a series win over the Cleveland Cavaliers in 1989 to “The Drive” that John Elway had in the AFC championship in 1987 the city of Cleveland and its fans are too fond of “the curse” that seems to be hanging over the cities head in terms of a championship. Even though the cities winning drought glooms over the heads of all three of its major sports teams that happens to be followed by one disappointing season after another. The city and its fans continue in support of their cherished teams. Cleveland is a city where fair-weather fans do not exist as each season the city full of diehard fans gear up in hopes that their beloved sports teams will get over the championship hump and finally give them what they’ve been waiting all this time for.

Cleveland Browns fans

To go along with their outlasting patience some Cleveland fans show their dedication in more empathetic ways than others by painting their faces at games, naming their children after certain players and some even go as far as getting tattoos mimicking their cherished teams. 2015 seems to be the year that the many fans believe the curse will finally be broken. That belief is more of a fact for diehard Cleveland Cavaliers fan Lonnynell Coleman, as he already has a tattoo of the Cleveland Cavaliers that says “NBA 2015 champion” and they haven’t even played game 1 of the finals yet.

2014 national champions tattoo

This isn’t the first time a fan has done something of this magnitude in support of their favorite team, as last year a fan of the Kentucky wildcats men’s basketball team got a tattoo predicting the teams winning of a title before the season even started. A Denver broncos fan also took part in this surprising trend when he got a tattoo predicting his team winning the super bowl in 2013. Both of those fans felt the hardship of a bad decision as both their teams failed to make their predictions come true.

championship tattoo


But in 2013 that same year as the Denver Broncos tattoo incident a Seattle Seahawks fan Tim Connors, who was a little more patient than the for mentioned fans, waited till the NFC championship game to get a tattoo predicting his team winning the Super Bowl. The Seahawks would eventually go along to prove the prediction true as they won Super Bowl that year. Whether you believe in superstition or not you’ve got to show respect to Lonnynell and his dedication as a fan of the Cavaliers. Hopefully his patience pays of the way Tim Connors did in 2013 with the Seahawks and the Cavaliers end up winning the championship this year. If not there’s always room to change the five in 2015 to a 6 in 2016 as we’re all sure you the Cavaliers will be in contention for a championship run next year as well.

championship trophy

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