Ciarra Nelson Interview With Greater Cleveland Film Commission President Ivan Schwartz

Reporter Ciarra Nelson
Reporter Ciarra Nelson


Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a wonderful week and preparing for a great weekend! I’m excited about all the summer has to bring at TV20! Speaking of summer in Cleveland, Captain America:The Winter’s Soldier will be filming all month long! Want to find out about all the economic boosts the Captain America Winter Soldier movie filming is bringing to Cleveland? Well you have to watch TV20 to find out during my interview with President of the Greater Cleveland Film Commission, Ivan Schwartz. Get all the details about how long the filming will take and how many movies will be filmed here over the next couple of months! Also learn about how this all is adding to our city’s vibrancy and excitement! Just tune into the TV20 Weekly News Wrap-Up all this week to get all the details!

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