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By: Christian Patterson


Could Sergey Karasev be Manu Ginobili 2.0?


Karasev and Ginobili

 Pardon me for making this statement and it’s only preseason but the type of offensive play and skill set I’ve seen from the 19-year-old Russian guard so far has really impressed me!  If you’re wondering why I asked could Karasev be the next Ginobili, let me explain.

 From a physical standpoint Karasev and Ginobili are very similar. Ginobili who is an 11 year veteran in the league stands at 6’6” and weighs 205 pounds, while the rookie Karasev stands at 6’7” and weighs 203 pounds. 

Now from a background standpoint both players are from different European countries but have a similar upbringing.  Ginobili comes from an Italian Argentine family of basketball players. His father Jorge was a coach at a club in Bahia Blanca, where Ginobili learned to play the game.

Karasev on the other hand comes from a Russian basketball family.  He is the son of former Russian international player and current Triumph Lyubertsy head coach, Vasily Karasev. Both players learned the game from their fathers.

Another key comparison is their competitive basketball play in the euro league at early ages.

When Karasev was given the chance to start during the Cavs preseason game against the Detroit Pistons he really made a statement.  He posted 10 points, 3 rebounds, 1 assist and 1 block. It might not seem like much but the confidence you could see in his game was impeccable! He would have had more assists if players would have been able to convert on some of his flashy passes, like the behind the back bounce pass he made.

Karasev is a terrific shooter and from what I witnessed he can pass the ball pretty well too. Hopefully he can be the long-term successful wing-player for the Cavaliers organization. Just like most 19-year-old players coming to the NBA, he will need to hit the weight room to put on some pounds and build up strength but he looks very promising.

Like I said he reminds me of a young Ginobili and they already have the same physical stature, so if you give Karasev another year to work on his game and get bigger/stronger he could be Ginobili 2.0!


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For more Sports updates, stay tuned to TV20!



Christian Patterson

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