Food Truck Friday

By: Catrina Leone, Intern



Come join the fun at the Fabulous Food Truck Friday!
Come join the fun at the Fabulous Food Truck Friday!



What’s your favorite part about Friday? Is that even a relevent question? What isn’t to love about the weekend, from all the events to attend to our favorite part: time off of work! Ever since June 7th, Cleveland has hosted Food Truck Friday, sponsored by Cleveland Citywide Development Corporation. This awesome event has taken place every Friday from 11:00am-2:00pm at Willard Park-City Hall. For those who might not be familiar with the area, it is at the corner of E.9th and Lakeside Avenue. Look for the FREE Stamp! I don’t know if anyone else feels the same way, but I feel like summer flew by and fall came in really fast. If you’re looking for something fun and exciting to do, check out Food Truck Friday this Friday October 25th. This is the last week for this event, so make it count and put it at the top of your list. If you head to Food Truck Friday, you will be able to enjoy lunch with your favorite Food Trucks and amazing live entertainment! Admission is free of charge and open to anyone and everyone who is interested. The cost of food varies by truck.

The perfect Friday combination consists of music, food, people and fun, which could be found at Food Truck Friday! Cleveland weather is so unpredictable this time of year, but rain, sun, sleet, snow (fingers crossed) or shine, this event will take place. So dress comfortable and come out with family and friends to enjoy some great food while listening to even greater music. Just to name a few of the food trucks that roll through Cleveland, we have: Sweet! The Mobile Cupcakery , Mad Mouth Gyro, Slanegwiches, Pig Lickin Good, Motor Mouth , Little Cheesers and many, many more. Some performers that have sung their way into our hearts are; Monica Robins, Whiskey Kings, Betsy Rose, Slap Jazz Trio, etc. No matter what kind of music or food you enjoy, you will find it here at Food Truck Friday! Come join the fun, this Friday October 25th and make sure to stay tuned to TV20 for more coverage and more news, as always.

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