Burke Lakefront Airport undergoes exterior renovations

By: Catrina Leone, Intern


 The new and improved Burke Lakefront Airport will have various renovations including: fresh, new, crisp paint, beautiful landscaping, and wonderful brand new lighting.  It was announced that this project would begin on October 16th, 2013. The terminal building will undergo a new paint job, the canopy hovering over the front walkway will be removed, look for the new beautiful landscaping, tinted, yet mysterious looking windows will also be added, and new LED lighting will be put in the walkway and exterior facade.


Airport Director Ricky Smith
Airport Director Ricky Smith


 Airport Director Ricky Smith knows just how important BKL is to the people of Cleveland stating that “Burke Lakefront Airport is a vital piece to Cleveland’s lakefront and these improvements will make it more enjoyable for the people who depend on the facility.” All these ravishing improvements will just make yet another special place in Cleveland, all the more special.  In July of this year, the exterior of the building received a new painting. The canopy was removed on October 14th by crew members. The project is expected to be complete in 5-7 days. It may take a little longer to complete the other additions: the new walkway, landscaping, and lighting will take approximately two weeks to finish. We all know the roller coaster that is also known as Cleveland weather, so the window tinting will go on weather permitting.  New fencing and a security gate will also be renovated, in addition to all the other projects taking place. This will be done to enhance the look of the terminal building and to of course provide additional security for the public using the airport, as well as the tenants.  As always, stay tuned to TV20, as we will be covering this story with more footage and facts. For other additonal information, Contact: Jacqueline L. Mayo/Communications Manager at 216-265-3303 or Michele Dynia/Communications Specialitst at 216-265-6164.





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