Community Spotlight: One World Day 2021

One World Day returns to Cleveland August 29th, 2021!

Community Spotlight host, Dan Monroe, sat down with Sheila Crawford, Event Coordinator for One World Day and Lori Ashyk, Executive Director for the Cleveland Cultural Gardens to discuss this year’s One World Day celebration.

Since 1945, the Cleveland Cultural Gardens has been host to the annual One World Day celebration – a commemoration of the many ethnicities and cultures that call Cleveland home. Located on Martin Luther King Jr. boulevard on Cleveland’s east side, the Cleveland Cultural Gardens was founded in 1916 with a simple yet powerful mission: “peace through mutual understanding.”

Since then, more than 30 gardens have been constructed – all in celebration of a different country or culture. Each garden highlights a member of the international community who has contributed to world culture – whether that be through art, philosophy, science, and much more.

Information for the 2021 One World Day

One World Day begins at 11AM, with the Parade of Flags starting at 12AM. Parade the Flags brings all the cultural gardens together – including some groups not yet represented by a garden. Members of various ethnic communities proudly hoist their flags, some even wearing traditional outfits, for a parade down MLK Jr. Boulevard.

After the parade, the gardens will be open – packed with music, dancing, cuisine, demonstrations and more – all representing the unique cultures of the Garden. Food trucks will also be present throughout the celebration.

Special attention has been made this year to ensure parking is not a deterrent for those who wish to attend. Free parking and shuttle services to the event will be available from the Metroparks parking lot next to the Cleveland Memorial Shoreway and the VA parking lot on East 105th.

There’s plenty more information about this year’s One World Day packed into this episode of Community Spotlight or on their website at