Welcome Back – Muldoon’s Saloon & Eatery

Thanks for joining us today for the second episode of Welcome Back! This week: Muldoon’s Saloon & Eatery

When Billy Dagg purchased the property for his future bar in 1981, he only had one goal in mind: make a better living. With a business partner the two opened up the then named “Muldoon’s Bar.” Now 40 years later, Mr. Dagg’s bar has since turned into a staple restaurant of Cleveland’s Collinwood Neighborhood, employing more than 300 employees since its grand opening and surviving a pandemic in the process.

Muldoon’s has its employees work by a simple code: treat customers like guests in your home. Between their hospitality, an ever evolving menu, and their specialty cocktails -Muldoon’s has been bringing customers back for generations. Even their employees are treated like family; whether that be employees of 30+ years or a student looking for job experience.

Muldoon’s is located at 1020 East 185th Street, open 11AM-9PM, Tuesday through Saturday. To make a reservation, plan your next party at Muldoon’s, or to just place an order for pick up, you can call the restaurant at 216-531-3130. You can also view them on Facebook: Muldoon’s Saloon & Eatery.

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