Community Spotlight – Opportunity Corridor

Welcome back to another episode of Community Spotlight. TV20 host Leah Longbrake sat down with Melissa Burrows, David Ebersole, and Freddy Collier from the City of Cleveland to discuss the upcoming Opportunity Corridor project.

The Opportunity Corridor is a planned boulevard that will run from East 55th Street at Interstate 490 to East 105th Street in University Circle. The project is currently budgeted for 331 million dollars, with ODOT providing much of the funding for the road construction.

The new boulevard will run through the Farifax, Kinsman, Buckeye, Slavic Village, and southern University Circle neighborhoods. By the time construction is finished, the Corridor will be covering nearly 1000 acres of land, with 100 acres of property being opened up for use in the process.

There’s plenty of great information involving all the work that’s gone into the Opportunity Corridor so far, including the various hurdles that have challenge the project and the committees whose hard work has brought it to fruition. So enjoy this episode of Community Spotlight, only on TV20!