Catching Up With Council – Councilman Anthony Hairston

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In this episode, Leah Longbrake had a chance to sit down with Ward 10 Councilman, Anthony Hairston.

Formerly elected as the the District 10 County Councilman for Cuyahoga County in 2014, Councilman Hairston was elected as the councilman for the City of Cleveland’s Ward 10 in November of 2017

Councilman Hairston was born and raised just on the border of Collinwood and Glenville, both of which he now represents as Councilman, along with Nottingham Village, Euclid Park, and the St. Claire-Superior neighborhoods.

Councilman Hairston invites all his constituents to email him with any concerns they may have with the ward at or call his office at 216-664-2323. You can also follow the Councilman on Twitter, @HairstonCCC10

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