Community Spotlight: YWCA of Greater Cleveland

On this episode of Community Spotlight, host Leah Haslage sat down with Margaret Mitchell, President and CEO of YWCA of Greater Cleveland to discuss the organization celebrating it’s 150th year!

Since opening their doors in 1868, the YWCA of Greater Cleveland has continued to serve the homeless or abused women of the City of Cleveland. Through their social welfare programs, the YWCA has provided housing, education, and empowerment to thousands of women. A few of these programs include: NIA (also known as “Nurturing, Independence, and Aspiration”); which provides accessible housing and health care to young, formerly homeless women; the Women’s Leadership Institute; a partnership between YWCA and Ursuline college to provide managerial and leadership training; and the Norma Herr Women’s Center, the largest shelter in the city named after one of its lifelong residents.

The YWCA operates on the belief that “No one ages out of YWCA,” so whether they’re a new mother looking for a safe environment to raise & educate their child or an elderly woman who is unable to get back on her feet, women of all ages are welcome at YWCA facilities.

If you have any questions for the YWCA, you can email and if you wish to learn more about the YWCA of Greater Cleveland and the services they offer, you can go to their website:

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