Ebola Hot Topic Episode

Ebola landing in Northeast Ohio, through a Texas woman’s pass through Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, has been the topic of discussion, rightfully so for many around the area. Mayor Jackson, The Cleveland Department of Public Health, and many others have joined in the fight to raise awareness and ease the minds of Clevelanders! A special Episode of “Hot Topic’s” with Director Toinette Parrilla and EMS Acting Commissioner, Nicole Carlton is airing this week on TV20! Here are some facts regarding the Press Conference’s that have occurred within the past week:

Press Conference’s have been held throughout the City to educate residents on choosing facts over fear, and knowing the key differences! Director of Public Health, Toinette Parrilla stressed the importance and value of educating oneself in the wake of this crisis.

The Cuyahoga County of Public health teamed up with the Department of Public Health for a joint press conference, to give further information that there are NO CONFIRMED CASES OF EBOLA IN OHIO.  Officials in our area are taking the right steps, not to induce panic, but to induce knowledge!

For those who missed the “Hot Topics” episode, or want additional information, here is the link, where it can also be found on our YouTube page:

Stay tuned to TV20, where you get the whole story!

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