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Flu season is upon us! There are many helpful hints and tips to help you beat the flu, and to stay healthy!

Flu + You Information

Older adults are more likely to contract the Influenza virus, which in some cases can be a very deadly epidemic! Besides being a very contagious disease, the flu can also be life-threatening.  Flu + You is sponsored by The National Council on Aging, and educates older residents in Cleveland about vaccine options &  the importance of knowing about prevention.

flu + you

The immune system typically weakens with age, as adults 65 years of age and older account for 90% of flu-related deaths, and 60% of flu-related hospitalizations.  It is also important to note that the flu can make already existing health conditions worse. Those conditions include: diabetes, heart disease, or COPD. The flu shot is very important and vital for this age group! To help protect younger children and others involved. The higher-dose vaccine was made specifically for adults 65 years and older, to improve the anti-body’s against the flu!

it is vital to get your flu shot

For additional information. you can visit the Cleveland Department of Health’s section at:


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