Free In CLE: Federal Reserve of Cleveland Money Museum

Introducing a new spot to the TV20 lineup: Free In CLE! We’ll be featuring things to see, do, and utilize throughout the City of Cleveland that costs you…wait for it…nothing!

A Penny Saved…

By: Alex Pikturna

The best way to kick off a show about not spending money, is talking about money! Specifically, the Federal Reserve of Cleveland Learning Center and Money Museum. Offering free tours, free economic planning, and free exhibits, there’s nothing about the Cleveland Fed that any savvy saver won’t love, with more than 25 hands-on exhibits available! The Money Museum even offers free partnerships with local school districts and community nonprofits.

The Money Museum is located at 1455 East 6th Street, open Monday-Thursday 9:30-2:30. For more information, visit or call 216-579-3188. You can also stay tuned to TV20 to catch the Free In CLE spot.

For all things Cleveland, tune into TV20! #wearecleveland

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