Last Week On TV20 (07/23/18)

In case you missed it, here’s what aired on TV20 last week!

All About The Biz

Last week, Doug Patterson sat down with Leonard DiCosimo and Pat Harris to discuss the American Federation of Musicians & what it’s like to work as a professional musician. 

Community Spotlight: Legal Aid Society

We aired the third episode of our collaboration with the Legal Aid Society of Cleveland. Make sure to check out our article on this episode!

Community Engagement Officers

The City of Cleveland inducted 15 Cleveland Police Officers as Community Engagement Officers, a grassroots movement by the city to improve relationships between citizens and police. 

Swearing In Ceremony

Mayor Frank G. Jackson swore in Anthony Scott as the new Assistant Director to the Cleveland Department of Building and Housing.

MayDay Boxing Event

Enjoy boxing and live commentary as Zelma George Recreation Center hosted the MayDay Boxing Event!

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