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Anthony Corsi, Intern

Last year when the Cavaliers picked up Anthony Bennet the reaction from the fans was not excitement bur rather questions; Will Bennet be in shape for the season? Will he become an asset to the Cavaliers Franchise? However, Thursday night came upon Cleveland, Ohio in a spectacular manner, picking up Canadian forward Andrew Wiggins. The 6 ft 8 in forward was projected to be the Number One overall pick in the NBA draft since scouts saw him play in high school. As many can see, he has superstar potential, being able to score with his athleticism, running the floor in transition offense, and being able to block shots in the paint. When asked about how he felt about playing in the “Bigs” Wiggins responded “I’m hoping to come in and make and impact off the bat.”

The athleticism, determination, and potential of Wiggins seem to have Cleveland fans anxious and excited for the upcoming season. On the other end, Wiggins’ reaction to be drafted NO 1 overall by the Cavaliers seemed to resemble genuine happiness. Wiggins seems like the kind of player that will work hard no matter the circumstances he is placed in. The Cavs will be an exciting team to watch this year. Now, next on the to-do-list for Cleveland is to resurrect number twenty three.

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