Ohio Means Jobs: In-Demand Jobs Week

Governor Kasich designated May 7th-11th as “In-Demands Job Week”, a time that the Workforce Development Board of Cuyahoga County now uses to promote the growing job market in the greater Cleveland area.

This year, the Workforce Development Board (WBD) will be focusing on middle-skill jobs in the Greater Cleveland Area. Middle-skill jobs typically require more education than a high school diploma, but less education than a four year degree. While it may come as a surprise for some, the middle-skills job market is severely underemployed,  which is why it’ll be the focus of this years “In-demand Jobs Week.”

There are various markets currently looking for middle-skills employees, some of which include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Information Technology
  • Sales

While a Bachelors Degree is not required for these jobs, post-secondary skills and credentials are required. That being said, these jobs will lead to better pay & a chance for lifelong careers.

To help this effort, the county has taken steps to improve current means of training & education, along with subsidizing training given by local companies.  Tri-C (Cuyahoga County Community College) is just one example, as they have continued to invest  into their education and training facilities.

To find out what kind of jobs are available, or to post a job listing, you can go to the official website of Ohio Means Jobs: OMJCC.US
For any more questions, you can call  the Ohio Means Jobs main office at 216-777-8200

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