Clean Cleveland Initiative Returns

Yesterday marked the official start of the 2018 Clean Cleveland Initiative program. We will soon begin seeing improvements made across all neighborhoods in Cleveland.

Crews from Public Works, Public Utilities, Building & Housing, Public Health, Public Safety, and The Environmental Crimes Task Force will be coordinating to bring these improvements to your neighborhood.

Just a few of the planned improvements for Cleveland include: pothole repair, street sweeping, graffiti removal, grass cutting, cleaning catch basins, and painting fire hydrants.

The City will be ramping up its efforts to curb illegal dumping on vacant properties. If you have any information on where illegal dumping may be taking place, please call 216-664-2510 or email

Last but not least, the efforts to identify and take the necessary steps to demolish vacant properties will continue, now aided by additional help provided by the Clean Cleveland Initiative. More than 300 structures have been razed this year alone, with another 170 structures ready to be demolished.

For any questions, comments, or concerns, you can call 216-664-2510 or email

Photo courtesy of City of Cleveland Photo Bureau 

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