Say Yes To Education!

“What Say Yes is about is raising expectations and giving these kids hope.”
-George Weiss, Founder & Chairman, Say Yes to Education.

In a landmark conference held on January 18th, the Cleveland Metropolitan School District announced the fruition of their years of improving the services and education available to Cleveland students & youth: Say Yes to Education.

Say Yes to Education had its beginnings in 1987, when founder George Weiss made a promise to 112 6th graders in Philadelphia: If they graduated high school, their college tuition would be payed for.

“Whats going to be good for our future is to have every child be relevant and every child be a contributor[…]”
-Mayor Frank G. Jackson, City of Cleveland

Now, 30 years later, Mr. Weiss has brought that promise to Cleveland. It was announced that over 100 private universities across the country will be providing free college tuition to graduating students of CMSD.

But that’s not all, students interested in attending trade school, junior college, or a state university will also have the same financial support extended to them.

Thanks to generous donors and those who have worked tirelessly to collect donations, Say Yes to Education will be providing 88 million dollars to scholarships for CMSD students, with an additional 15 million being personally provided by Mr. George Weiss.

If you have any questions or wish to learn more about Say Yes to Education, you can visit or

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