TV20 Schedule for 9/17-9/24

Here’s our weekly schedule so you can stay up to date on all the great things going on in the city of Cleveland!

6:00am-  Everyday People

6:30am-  The Polka Train

7:00am-  Weekly News Update

7:30am-  Healthy Cleveland

8:00am-  Cleveland Justice

8:30am-  The Inside Sports Report

9:00am-  TV20 Special Report

10:00am- Christian’s Eye On Cleveland

10:30am-  Everyday People

11:00am-   Sustainable Cleveland

12:00pm-  Weekly News Update

12:30pm-  Healthy Cleveland

1:00pm-    Sustainable Cleveland

2:30pm-    The Inside Sports Report

3:00pm-    TV20 Special Report

4:00pm-   Christian’s Eye On Cleveland

4:30pm-   Everyday People

5:00pm-  Cleveland Justice

5:30pm-  The Polka Train

6:00pm-  Weekly News Update

7:00pm-  TV20 Special Report

8:00pm-  TV20 Boxing

9:30pm-  The Inside Sports Report

10:00pm-  Christian’s Eye On Cleveland

11:00pm-   Sustainable Cleveland

12:00am-   Cleveland Classic Cinema- “The Wasp Woman” (1959)

2:00am-    TV20 Boxing

3:30am-   Sustainable Cleveland

5:00am-  TV20 Special Report

We Are Cleveland!

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