TV20 Weekly Schedule August 3, 2015

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Weekly News Wrap Up


It’s officially one year till the Republican National Convention comes to Cleveland! A Press Conference was held at the Global Center for Health Innovation by city and RNC Committee Officials with an update on what’s to come


The Cleveland Community Police Commission held a public meeting to present the application and explain the process on selecting the ten individuals who will be selected to serve on the Inaugural Community Police Commission.


Deputy Chief of Homeland Operations, Ed Tomba and Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Tim McGinty recently held a press conference to announce the arrests made in the long-running organized crime investigation and what will continue to be done moving forward.


The Vacant and Abandoned Property Action Council Recently celebrated their 10th anniversary at the Neighborhood Housing Services Center. The event commemorated all of the hard work members of the team have put in throughout the past decade. One such member is Frank Ford, the Senior Policy Advisor for Thriving Institute. Ward 12 Councilman Anthony Brancatelli presented him with a proclamation for his advocacy and service to our city.


An abandoned home was recently saved from demolition and restored in the City of Cleveland within the Mill Creek Falls Neighborhood. Ward 2 Councilman, Zach Reed partnered with the Union Miles Development Corporation to bring this once vacant space back to life.


The 6th Annual Cleveland Hopkins International Airport Plane Pull benefiting the Special Olympics of Ohio was recently held at the IX Center. Teams of up to 20 people competed by pulling a United Boeing 737-12 feet in the fastest time. The teams collectively raised almost $50,000 for the Special Olympics of Ohio.


Back in 1945 during World War 2, the world’s only submarine to submarine rescue took place when the U.S.S. Cod rescued the crew of the Dutch Submarine O-19. To celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the heroic moment in history, over 200 military family and friends along with dignitaries from the U.S. and Netherlands, gathered to honor those who served.


Toast Masters International is a group that provides a supportive learning experience in which individuals are empowered to develop communication skills, resulting in higher self-confidence and personal growth. The group recently hosted the “Cleveland City Hall Speakers Bureau Club Meeting” at Public Auditorium to give city of Cleveland employees the chance to discuss how public speaking and personal experiences define their leadership.


The Cleveland Foundation recently awarded Cleveland State University with a $1 million grant to fund the Key Bank Foundation Scholars Program, which is designed to increase the rate of on-time completion of undergraduate programs at CSU, by students who graduated from the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. The programs will be implemented in time for the 2016-2017 academic year and will apply to incoming freshman as well as current students.


As we continue in to the summer months, the temperature and humidity are on the rise. Senior citizens are often most vulnerable to drastic temperature changes. Some tips to consider are to stay out of direct sunlight, limit physical activity, drink plenty of water, avoid caffeine and wear loose-fitting clothing. Warning signs of heat stroke include: fainting, nausea, fast pulse rate and flushed skin. No one should be in a parked car for any period of time.


The Division of Recreation recently announced that it has been granted permission from the Cleveland Foundation to utilize the remaining $42,000 from last year’s Recreation Extended Hours Program. These funds will keep four recreation centers open Wednesday through Saturday until 11p.m., through August 1st. Those centers include: Lonnie Burton, Zelma George, Cudell and Glenville. There will be security on hand at the rec centers, and curfew law will be enforced.


It is starting to warm up little by little and there are plenty of fun events to attend and activities to do! Make sure to visit our TV20 Blog and Bulletin Board for updates.

7:45a.m., 12:45p.m., & 6:45p.m.

The Bottom Line Up Front

News you can use with Dan Williams, the Media Relations Director from Mayor Frank Jackson’s Office of Communications.

8:00a.m., 4:30p.m., 11:00p.m., & 5:30a.m.

Community Policing

Defining and explaining the application process for the Community Police Commission panel members.

9:00a.m., 3:00p.m., 9:00p.m., & 4:00a.m.

Around Town

Liberian Independence Day & Organized Crime Investigation

9:30a.m., 3:30p.m., 9:30p.m., & 4:30a.m.

Christian’s Eye on Cleveland

Today’s Guest: Boxer Mickey Bay

10:00a.m., 10:30p.m., & 5:00a.m.

Press Conference

Northeast Ohio Medical University and Cleveland State University have recently established a partnership to address the changing health care needs within urban metropolitan areas, by combining their strengths in urban health, inter-professional education and primary care medicine. This partnership was awarded to them through a $5.5 grant from the Cleveland Foundation. The over-all goal is to better prepare CSU students to become physicians and build their careers. An event was held at CSU to unveil this new installment.

10:30a.m., 4:00p.m., & 10:00p.m.

TV20’s Hot Topics

Host Leah Haslage sat down with the Director of the Cleveland Department of Public Health, Toinette Parrilla to discuss the issue of infant mortality and how our city is joining together in the effort.


Consumer Trends

Errol Porter sat down with Lon’Cherie Billingsley, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney to discuss Internet Scams and how they affect our consumers.

1:00p.m., 7:00p.m., & 2:00a.m.

Mickey Mantle Championship

Oball Sox VS. Eastbrook Eagles

5:30p.m., & 5:30a.m.

The Polka Train

Today’s Band: Eddie Roddick Orchestra


Cleveland Classic Cinema

Detour: Chance events trap hitch-hiker Al Roberts in a tightening net of film noir trouble (1945).

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