Weekly Schedule May 4th, 2015

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“My Neighborhood” is a movement to connect the men and woman who work, live, and play in the historic Warehouse District, so they can further celebrate the quality of life in the community. Mayor Frank Jackson and other Civic Leaders held a special Community Forum to address any questions and concerns residents may have about their neighborhood.


The Lutheran Hospital newly expanded emergency project broke ground back in 2013, at a cost of 17.5 million dollars. Some of the new features now include a more prominent entrance, 21 private rooms, and new patient beds. Cleveland Clinic Officials and Community Leaders gathered to celebrate the completed expansion of this new emergency department.


Citizens Bank may have changed its name from Charter One, but their commitment to our community and helping feed those in need has stayed the same.


Domestic violence is not always easy to recognize, but the signs are always there. Those signs go beyond just physical abuse, but mental and emotional as well. Here in Cleveland, there are different programs and initiatives to help reduce the number of cases seen, as we recently found out at a conference held at Metro Health Hospital.


Knowing what to do in case of an emergency, especially in a fire is important no matter what your age… but sometimes it can be difficult for seniors to hear or see when faced with such a dangerous situation. Public Information Officer Larry Gray and Lieutenant Victor Gill both of the Cleveland Division of Fire recently lectured a group of seniors of ways they can keep not only themselves, but their neighbors safe.


Making sure that our students have the best education possible has always been a primary goal of Mayor Frank Jackson. He recently spoke to Cleveland State University’s Ph.D students about helping our youth, and what’s to come in the future of education in our City.


Over 200 students laced up their sneakers and joined Mayor Frank Jackson for the Race to the Max Event, which kicked off the celebration for the new Max Hayes High School, opening this August. Students had the opportunity to run to their new school’s location and see what is in store for them in the up coming year.


Cogswell Hall is a place that provides a permanent solution to homelessness by offering quality, low-income housing with social services, by helping build a strong community, and advocating for the disabled and economically disadvantaged in our area. They have one simple mission.


Earth Day is held annually around the world on April 22nd. To celebrate it here in Cleveland, an event was held at the Woodhill Community Center, providing children with facts on how to keep our community clean and green while participating in fun activities like arts and crafts projects.


It is starting to warm up little by little and there are plenty of fun events to attend and activities to do! Make sure to visit our TV20 blog and bulletin board for updates.


Sustainable Cleveland 2019 has been an ongoing effort here in our City, as part of Mayor Frank Jackson’s plan to have a Green City on a Blue Lake. Students at Cuyahoga Community College’s Metropolitan Campus recently had the chance to go green – court room style, by re-enacting a play focusing on sustainability activities throughout Cleveland.

7:45a.m., 12:45p.m., & 6:45p.m.

The Bottom Line Up Front

News you can use with Dan Williams, the Media Relations Director from Mayor Frank Jackson’s Office of Communications.

8:00a.m., 10:00p.m., & 3:30a.m.

Fundraising Ceremony

For the past thirteen years the Union Miles Development Corporation has celebrated the accomplishments of those in their community and what people have to look forward to in the future with their annual fundraiser event. Community involvement and growing our neighborhoods were a main focus this year, and why the work that UMDC does is so important for our City.

9:00a.m., & 2:00p.m.

Press Conference

The Department of Housing and Urban Development recently recognized Cleveland as one of nine cities to get the Jobs Plus Grant, a grant that will help increase employment here in Cleveland. Mayor Frank Jackson and other City Leaders gathered at Outhwaite Community Center for the big announcement.

9:30a.m., 2:30p.m., & 11:00p.m.

Consumer Trends

Host Errol Porter sat down with Joshua Bias, a member of the Office of Fair Housing and Consumer Affairs to discuss tips and procedures when hiring a contractor for needs around your home.

10:30a.m., 3:00p.m., & 11:30p.m.

This Is How We Do It

Today’s Guest: Director of Finance for the City of Cleveland, Sharon Dumas.

1:00p.m., 7:00p.m., & 2:30a.m.

TV20 Sports

Senior Girls All-Stars: National vs American

3:30p.m., 8:00p.m., & 4:30a.m.

Mock Trial

Whitney Young VS. Cleveland School of the Arts

5:30p.m., & 6:30a.m.

The Polka Train

Today’s Band: Eddie Rodick Orchestra


Cleveland Classic Cinema

The Devil and Miss Jones: A tycoon goes undercover to ferret out agitators at a department store, but gets involved in their lives instead (1941).


Off The Hook Wrestling

A TV20 Wrestling Special

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