3rd Floor West

By: Catrina Leone: intern


Who doesn’t enjoy a great story that will keep you on the edge of your chair, a story that will keep you hooked until the very end, a television show or movie that you become obsessed with? Nighttime Television will never be the same. From the creators of “The Skip Thomas Project” comes 3rd Floor West. Step into the boardrooms, breakrooms and bedrooms of the Power Players of 3rd Floor West.

3rd floor west


This is a story of lies, secrets and scandal involving power players who exist in the upper echelon of society. Some background information about this for those who may not be as familiar as others: When the potential military use of a popular drug catches the eye of a powerful group of patriots, Victoria Stanton Kline (the main character) a beautiful young CEO must fight to hold on to her company, her sanity and most importantly her life! That sounds like a staple worth watching, one that will keep you on the edge of your chair, biting your nails until the very end!

Not to give too much information away (you will have to watch to find out more) here’s a plot summary on what to expect from this enticing film. 3rd floor West follows Victoria Stanton Kline, CEO of a multi-billion dollar company she inherits after the passing of her father. Seranitol, a prenatal vitamin is the company’s prize drug. If not taken correctly though, it can become very lethal. All the secrets come out, from Victoria and her husband Bruce, to Carl and his wife Elaine Fitzgerald, who are both employees of Stanton. Everyone has something to hide, and if they aren’t careful, their secrets can destroy them.

What is even more interesting about this film is that it takes place in Cleveland, the heart of film. Skip Thomas Productions will be airing the special 1-hour premier of “3rd Floor West”, a thrilling television pilot by writer and director Mike Berry. Audiences are encouraged to tune in Friday, December 6th, 2013 at 8:00pm/7:00pm central. Berry reveals something to keep you interested, stating, “Be ready for some jaw dropping back stories, scandal and twists typical of the Skip Thomas style. The characters jump off your screen and into your living room!” Now that my friends, is something to look out for.

3rd floor west 2

With the assistance of Executive Producer Tina Hobbs and assistant producer Charisse Worthy of HobbsStyle Casting and Production, the movie was predominately filmed in our wonderful city of Cleveland. Some locations included were: Joe’s House of Blues, Madwerks Studios, KAZ Radiot and the Henn Mansion located in the suburb of Euclid, OH. Skip Thomas Productions is also the creator’s of “Secrets” and “The Skip Thomas Project”. Directors and Producers will be presenting the pilot in various markets after the online premier.

TV20’s own Ciarra Nelson will be chatting with Tina Hobbs and Mike Berry on Cleveland Connects with Ciarra. Make sure to stay tuned to TV20 for that, along with many other stories circulating Cleveland!


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