Former Glenville Little man is Making A Big Impact For The Illini

by Keith Feagin sr, intern

Champaign, Illinois – V’angelo Bentley didn’t predict that he would be making his college home here at the University Of Illinois but he believes everything happened for a reason.  Bentley was a supreme stand out for the Glenville Tarblooders and felt as though he was on a destine course with  The Ohio State University Buckeyes Football program. His performance in the Kirk Herbstreit Classic Game was outstanding and he scored the only two Touchdowns for the Tarblooders that day in a 23-14 loss. Even more impressive was the fact that both touchdowns came on defense. Everybody Knows that it is not just playing for a top tier high school football program that gets you recruited by major colleges, but the impact that you make on the team that stands out. So it only made since that Bentley showcased his skill on the big stage, in the stadium, of the college, that he grew up fantasizing about playing for as a kid. Unfortunately due to the changes that Ohio State was making after the transition between new coaches, a position slot was not available for Bentley at the time. Understandably disappointed Bentley did not give up his search for the next best offer from a major college football program. “A lot of schools passed up on me by either saying, ‘He’s too short,’ or just not believing in my abilities. I have a chip on my shoulder.” said BentleyNot Long after the recruiting process was in motion the University Of Illinois came calling in need of Bentley’s skills for their football program. Bentley has not disappointed either, the very first game of the season he returned a 100 yard kickoff for a touchdown! This weekend will be his first chance to play against the Buckeyes and he is eager to show off just how valuable he is. The Illini have had a disappointing season so far this year but Bentley has been sparkle of possibility and promise. “That was Ohio State’s coaching staff’s decision to not recruit me,” Bentley said. “They didn’t find a place for me on offense or defense even though I was being recruited on both sides. But right now, I am happy at Illinois and things are working out great.”  V’angelo Bentley might have received a blessing in disguise and now the 5’8 speedster is now becoming the big man on campus!

V’angelo Bentley

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