Healthy Cleveland: Winter Weather Preparedness

Healthy Cleveland host, Leah Haslage, sat down with Projector Director in the Office of Emergency Preparedness for the Cleveland Department of Public Health, Shaddy Swade, to discuss winter weather preparedness.

Northeast Ohio is known for it’s miserable winters. It’s important to be prepared both before and during the winter season, as to stay safe and warm.  Project Director Swade had a few tips to share.

Know Your Equipment
While more convenient methods of warming are readily available, nothing quite beats the feeling of being next to a fire.  Plenty of homes in Cleveland have fire places, yet many homeowners know little about them. It’s important to have a professional evaluation of your chimney and fireplace before lighting a fire, as to prevent potential damage to your home.

As with any time of the year, your smoke detector could be the difference between life and death. A quick test and fresh batteries is all that’s required.  If you need assistance with testing or installing your smoke detectors, or would like one for free, you can contact the Cleveland Fire Department at 216-361-5525.

Prepared Prevention
Even with the power of our latest weather technology, it seems there’s always someone stuck out in the cold once the weather hits. That’s why it’s important to have a kit ready for when you may be snowed in or without power for days at a time.

Example Winter Weather  Kit:
Non-perishable food
Pet supplies (if applicable)
Childcare supplies (if applicable)
Bottled water
Non-electric can opener
Batteries & chargers

As much time as you spend at home this season, chances are you’ll spend plenty of time behind the wheel as well. It is highly recommended that you prepare a kit exclusively for your car.

Example Winter Weather Car Kit:
Bottled water
Rock Salt
Ice Scraper
First Aid Kit

For more information, watch the entire Winter Weather Preparedness on our TV20 Youtube channel.

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