Homecoming for the King?


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Anthony Corsi, Intern


After the Miami Heat fell to the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals, LeBron James realized that he has a lot of thinking to do in regards to his future. The real question that all Cleveland fans want answered is, will there be a homecoming for the King? James has until June 30, 2014 to opt out of his current contract with the Heat. Depending on his decision, whether it be to stay in Miami or sign a contract with another team, the NBA will be affected.

"Home sweet home, the countdown is real"
“Home sweet home, the countdown is real”

However, Cleveland fans are getting a jolt of confidence due to the social media. An Instagram post from Lebron’s wife, Savannah, captioned “Home Sweet Home, the countdown is real” sounds like the James family is set on coming back to the Land.

Rumor also has it that Lebron’s children are already enrolled in Akron schools. If these rumors are true, there is a good possibility that the King might want to reclaim his throne. However, James being the exceptional player that he is, has the ability to sign with any team that he would like to. In the meantime, the Cavaliers should focus on their first round pick along with building their team with a plethora of young, talented players rather then rely on the decision by James. A homecoming for the King would be a splendid feature for the City of Cleveland, but only time will tell.

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