Learning More About Say Yes To Education

Earlier this year, the Cleveland Metropolitan School District announced their partnership with Say Yes to Education, with the goal to bring post-secondary education to all CMSD students.

In this special, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson sat down with Diane Downing, Executive Director of Say Yes Cleveland & Margot Copeland, Former CEO of Key Bank Foundation, to learn more about Say Yes to Education.

Say Yes to Education is a philanthropic endeavor founded by George Weiss with a simple premise: prepare and put students through a post-secondary education. The CMSD announcement ceremony can be found here.

With the new system taking its roots in CMSD classrooms, students and their families can soon expect to see a number of support systems open up to them. Say Yes is much more than a check made out to a college or university, it is a foundation for which an entire college going culture will grow upon. Tutoring, legal assistance, and even mental health specialists will soon be but a school day away.

With over 90 million dollars already raised for Say Yes Cleveland, and another 35 million to be raised in the next four years, Say Yes will be supporting CMSD students for decades to come. Already, 850 recent graduates will be receiving a post-secondary education thanks to Say Yes Cleveland.

To learn more about Say Yes to Education and Say Yes to Education Cleveland, you can visit their websites, http://sayyescleveland.org/ & http://sayyestoeducation.org/.

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