The Rainey Institute

Featured in this weeks TV20 News, we would like to highlight a valuable resource in the City of Cleveland; The Rainey Institute.

Founded in 1906, originally providing social services to Eastern European immigrants, in the past 100 years, The Rainey Institute has grown to provide artistic and creative outlets for more than 1,600 Cleveland students. Summer camp, music lessons, dance lessons, after school activities, and so much more are all available at the Rainey Institute for a very nominal fee.

Current students at the Rainey Institute are into their second week of Summer camp, where from 9-5 they are given lessons in music, dance, visual arts, drawing, as well as reading and math. But that’s not all. Students are also treated to breakfast and lunch, along with weekly field trips to places such as Huntington Beach and Tower City.

If you know a child between the ages of 5 and 18 who is interested in the performing arts, you can contact The Rainey Institute at 216-881-1766. Or you can go to their website, to learn more! If you’d like to see the Summer camp in person, email to arrange an appointment.

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