Drink More Gatorade!

Sports Blog

By: Anthony Corsi, Intern

As most know, Lebron James has been a phenom since early in his high school career. With this reputation of being the best player in the league, many endorsements come with that status. In essence, Powerade took advantage of this and decided to sponsor Lebron James, which obviously encourages him to drink Powerade. However, where was this in Thursday night’s Game 1 of the NBA Finals? James left the fourth quarter with cramps, only with four minutes left. James could have easily been the deciding factor within those four vital minutes.

LeBron James

We all know that cramps are due to dehydration, which Powerade or water helps prevent. Either way, Gatorade was upset with the fact that Lebron was taken out because they thoroughly believe that their electrolyte-filled beverage would have prevented those cramps. The moral of the story is simply Drink More Gatorade, especially in the NBA finals!

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